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Robots draw people to China International Industry Fair

[2016-11-02 11:25]

Robots draw people to China International Industry Fair in Shanghai. This year's event lasts from Nov 1 to 5.

German international Miroslav Klose retires

[2016-11-02 09:12]

Germany veteran Miroslav Klose retired from professional football to start a coaching career, the former Lazio striker announced on Tuesday.

Top 10 most influential Japanese cartoons in China

[2016-11-02 07:32]

As the largest producer and exporter of animation in the world, Japan is renowned as the "Kingdom of Animation". Together with electronics and cars, the animation industry has been regarded as one of the three pillars in Japan.

Opera performer who takes her shows to villages

[2016-11-02 08:02]

Opera performer who takes her shows to villages

13 most appealing cars in China in 2016

[2016-11-02 06:54]

Cars with audio, communication, entertainment, and navigation features have the greatest appeal to owners in China, yet automakers are not increasing installation rates of the technologies fast enough to meet consumer demand,

Obamas host White House Halloween for children

[2016-11-01 10:08]

The first couple hosted local children and children of military families for trick-or-treat at the White House.

China Fashion Week: Liu Yong Exclusive

[2016-11-01 09:39]

Models present creations from Liu Yong Exclusive haute couture collection during China Fashion Week in Beijing on Oct 31, 2016.

Top 5 collaborating countries in Belt and Road Initiatives

[2016-11-01 07:07]

Here are the top five countries that cooperate most closely with China in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Hand-carved buckets face possible extinction in Zhejiang

[2016-11-01 11:14]

Bao Mingpei, 58, is an inheritor of a special bucket carving technique that is unique to Ningbo, Zhejiang province. He now worries that his buckets are destined to become extinct.

Jet fighters and bombers ready for Air Show China

[2016-11-01 07:52]

Jet fighters, bombers and flying pandas ready for Air Show China

The World in photos: from Oct 24 to Oct 30

[2016-10-31 10:51]

The World in photos: Oct 24 - 30

Through the lens: The life of a kung fu master

[2016-10-31 13:23]

Kung fu master Xing Xi practices at a Buddhist temple in Beijing, June 29, 2016.

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