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China's Yiwu gears up for World Cup in Brazil

[2014-05-07 09:11]

As much as 90 percent of vuvuzelas during the World Cup in Brozail are set to be shipped from Yiwu, world's largest small commodity wholesale market.

Forum trends: Top 10 misconceptions about Africa

[2014-05-06 19:57]

All Africans are black. African people live in huts. Africa is a country. These are some of the common misconceptions that many Chinese people have about Africa and its people.

World leaders caught yawning...they're just like us!

[2014-05-06 17:59]

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (center) yawns after nearly three hours of testimony on Afghanistan at the Capitol Hill on Dec 02, 2009.

Highlights of 2013 Share the Experience contest

[2014-05-06 16:00]

Highlights of 2013 Share the Experience contest.

Thai court verdict in PM's abuse of power case due May 7

[2014-05-06 15:47]

Thailand's Constitutional Court said on Tuesday it would hand down a ruling on May 7 in an abuse of power case brought against Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra that could see her removed from office if found guilty.

Boston Symphony makes China encore

[2014-05-06 09:05]

Returning to China after a breakthrough tour in 1979, musicians from the Boston Symphony Orchestra are savoring the country's change and continuing enthusiasm for Western music.

UN hosts China Shanxi Food Festival

[2014-05-06 08:00]

When it comes to the art of hand-pulled noodle making, there are only a couple techniques to get the final product just right. And China's Shanxi province churns out noodle connoisseurs like few others.

On the road to shine

[2014-05-06 06:50]

The Six-year-old An Qi has a special gift for music.

Eating right

[2014-05-05 23:00]

Congresswoman Grace Meng (right) said, "I'm happy to promote Shanxi’s food to the House of Representatives", at a conference titled China Shanxi Food Festival in New York on Sunday.

New York splashed with Festival of Colors

[2014-05-05 14:36]

People in New York celebrate the Fetival of Colors in different ways.

Dutiful but desperate son tries to kill mother

[2014-05-05 14:24]

On Jan 18, 2014, Yang Jiu, a migrant worker, tried to kill his paralyzed mother and himself at a rented home in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Fortunately, both Yang and his mother were rescued.

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