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Panda cub drawing votes for her name

[2013-11-07 07:41]

Giant pandas have long been the darlings of visitors to the Smithsonian National Zoo, so it's little wonder that when the zoo asked people to name its new giant panda cub starting at 2 pm Tuesday, the response was overwhelming.

Nuclear envoy seeks peaceful path on peninsula

[2013-11-07 07:25]

China's top nuclear envoy continued his shuttle diplomacy on Wednesday with a trip to Pyongyang in the hopes of narrowing the differences among countries for an early resumption of the suspended Six-Party Talks.

Palette of life

[2013-11-07 00:53]

The color and shape of the land itself have defined the people who have lived in China’s West for centuries. Li Yang reports from Zhangye, Gansu province.

Chinese more protective of African wildlife

[2013-11-07 00:47]

China Daily publishes the e-mail addresses of its reporters along with their articles, which means I receive plenty of feedback, criticism and suggestions on the various issues I write about.

Bomb blasts kill 1, injure 8 in Shanxi

[2013-11-07 00:43]

Several homemade bombs exploded near the office building of Shanxi province's top Party committee on Wednesday morning, leaving 1 dead and 8 injured.

Huawei has eye on 5G

[2013-11-07 00:34]

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd announced on Wednesday that it will invest at least $600 million in research and development of fifth-generation mobile technology by 2018.

Female panda released into the wild

[2013-11-07 00:06]

Kept in her cage for four days before her release on Wednesday morning at Liziping Nature Reserve in Sichuan province, the 2-year-old panda had her hip facing the door when Wu Daifu, a panda expert, tried to let her out.

Slovak flying car

[2013-11-06 15:04]

An incredible flying car has been developed to bring regular road traffic to the skies. The hovering hard-top motors on the road and in the air and signals a huge step forward in hybrid vehicles.

US, Russia fail to agree Syria peace talks date

[2013-11-06 04:30]

The US and Russia failed on Tuesday to agree a date for a Syrian peace conference, remaining divided over what role Iran might play in talks to end the civil war and over who would represent Syria's opposition.

Taking risks in a firestorm

[2013-11-06 01:09]

Showbiz sensation star Andy Lau is well known for his acting and music career, but as Liu Wei discovers, he is also an ambitious film producer who is willing to take risks, physical and financial.

India launches exploratory spacecraft to red planet

[2013-11-06 00:55]

India successfully launched its first mission to Mars on Tuesday, with a program showcasing its low-cost space technology.

Biden to emphasize Asia pivot on tour

[2013-11-06 00:43]

As Joseph Biden prepares for his East Asian trip, the issue of how the US and China handle their relationship has again moved to the front burner.

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