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Hathaway wins Oscar for best actress in supporting role

[2013-02-25 12:41]

Anne Hathaway, who plays in "Les Miserables," won the Oscar Award of Actress in Supporting Role Sunday night at the 85th Academy Awards Ceremony.

Dollar dilemma as greenback value falls

[2013-02-25 05:55]

A burden or a benefit? That is the question economists were asking over the Spring Festival about China's current high level of US government debt.

Chilly run gets blood pumping

[2013-02-25 02:40]

Strip down to your underwear in -2 C, run a lap in the freezing cold and your worries will be gone.

Foreigners in capital get a taste of Lantern Festival

[2013-02-25 02:40]

Chinese celebrate Lantern Festival by eating yuanxiao, sweet dumplings made with glutinous rice flour, along with many other traditions.

Smog envelopes China during Lantern Festival

[2013-02-24 13:51]

China's central and eastern parts are expected to be blanketed by heavy fog Sunday, the Chinese Lantern Festival, the National Meteorological Center (NMC) said.

Migrant workers invited to prominent holiday gala

[2013-02-24 10:20]

Four migrant workers were invited to a high profile gala on Saturday evening, which was once mainly reserved for distinguished intellectuals.

Bright sparks

[2013-02-24 09:21]

Fireworks will fill the skies in China as the nation celebrates the Lantern Festival today, the 15th day of the first lunar month. But in one village in China, locals use molten iron to create their fiery show.

Two guys and two pie holes

[2013-02-24 09:20]

A pair of Australians open up wide to share some favorite grub with Beijingers, and Oz expat Belle Taylor sits down for a chat between bites.

Abe courts Obama support

[2013-02-24 08:19]

Washington was cautious in its responses at a US-Japan summit as leaders discussed China-related issues, including the Diaoyu Islands dispute.

Stitches from time

[2013-02-24 08:10]

Embroidery is part of the Chinese cultural fabric, and there are many schools with unique stitches, designs and characteristics from various regions.

Video games and violence? Link is unclear

[2013-02-24 07:52]

New research has begun to clarify what can and cannot be said about the effects of violent gaming on young people.

Pistorius goes free on $113,000 bail

[2013-02-23 12:02]

A South African court granted bail on Friday to Oscar Pistorius, charged with the murder of his girlfriend on Valentine's Day, after his lawyers successfully argued the "Blade Runner" was too famous to flee justice.

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