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China's Nobel laureate attends lecture in Karolinska Institute

[2015-12-08 08:19]

China's Tu Youyou (2nd L) who won 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine attends a lecture in Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, capital of Sweden, Dec 7, 2015.

Families thanked for opening homes

[2015-12-07 23:05]

Since China opened its doors to overseas adoption of Chinese children in 1992, about 100,000 children have been taken in by US families. In the Bay Area, around 2,000 Chinese children are living in American households.

The world in photos: November 30 - December 6

[2015-12-07 10:06]

We present some of the most striking images from major stories around the world in the past week.

Riding with Santa Claus around the world

[2015-12-07 11:29]

Combination photo of people dressed as Santa Claus taking part in the 22nd Santa Claus meeting in Auerbach, Germany, December 6, 2015.

Breathtaking views of Pluto from NASA

[2015-12-07 07:13]

Blocks of Pluto's water-ice crust appear jammed together in the informally named al-Idrisi mountains in this high-resolution image from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft released December 4, 2015.

Camera reveals style, beauty and grace of folk opera

[2015-12-07 11:24]

Folk Opera Performers in the Countryside is one of the representative works of China Photographers' Association member Jia Ke, who has been a professional photographer since 1990s.

Can Chinese ‘white lightning’ make it in US?

[2015-12-05 03:13]

The world’s most consumed alcoholic beverage and China’s national spirit is trying to make its way into the US. Served
in half-ounce shot glasses or made into a cocktail mix, baijiu is gaining recognition, reports Hezi Jiang from New York.

Gunmen go on a killing spree in Southern California

[2015-12-03 08:08]

The San Bernardino Police Department said on Twitter that it had "confirmed 1 to 3 possible suspects" and multiple victims in the shooting.

Chinese, South African presidents hold talks to cement partnership

[2015-12-02 23:51]

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his South African counterpart, Jacob Zuma, discuss ways to further the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two emerging economies.

China, Zimbabwe agree to boost cooperation

[2015-12-02 06:53]

China and Zimbabwe agreed to translate their friendship into stronger impetus for bilateral cooperation to achieve common development and prosperity.

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