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China's bike-sharing company Mobike pedals to Washington

[2017-09-21 09:11]

Mobike, one of the world's largest smart bike-sharing companies, rode into its first US city, Washington, on Wednesday. The dockless bikes, which cost $1 to rent for 30 minutes, are placed in downtown locations.

Top 10 Chinese cities for entrepreneurship and innovation

[2017-09-21 07:16]

Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have been China's top three leading cities for mass entrepreneurship and innovation for two years in a row.

Paying with your face at restaurant in East China

[2017-09-21 08:57]

A customer uses a facial scanner to pay the bill at a restaurant in Hangzhou, Zhejinag province, on September 19, 2017.

Cultural protection achievements of the last five years

[2017-09-20 06:45]

In the last five years, cultural heritage conservation has become no longer just the duty of certain government departments, but the responsibility of society as a whole.

World's top 10 airlines by comprehensive competitiveness

[2017-09-20 07:12]

Three Chinese air carriers entered the list of the world's most competitive airlines, according to a ranking released by the World Air Stewardess Association.

Discovering Dalian, Northeast China's thriving port city

[2017-09-20 07:16]

Northwest of the Korean landmass, Dalian occupies a narrow neck or isthmus close to the tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, a strategic area of land, which along with Shandong guards the entrance to the Bohai Gulf.

China to build cross-provincial national park for giant panda

[2017-09-20 07:53]

A pilot scheme to build an administration of giant panda national park has been approved.

On the move: Kazak herdsmen head to winter pastures

[2017-09-19 11:27]

It is a tradition for these pastoralists to migrate from summer pastures to winter ones with their animals and belongings in September.

Salt lake in Shanxi looks like double-flavor hot pot

[2017-09-19 08:13]

As the temperatures drop in autumn, different colors start to appear on the surface of the lake, making it a spectacular scene as a double-flavor hot pot.

Special subway train for Wuhan Open ready to serve

[2017-09-19 08:22]

A special train will run on Line 2 of subway and connect the city's Tianhe airport and Optics valley Square business center during the Wuhan Open tennis tournament.

World's top 10 financial centers

[2017-09-19 07:15]

London remains the globe's most attractive financial center, despite the ongoing Brexit negotiations, the latest survey found.

Work begins to clean up Beijing's 'dirty streets'

[2017-09-18 08:08]

"Dirty street" in Sanlitun was once famous for cheap food and drinks. Tian Liming, who has lived in the area for more than 50 years, knows all too well how the bar-and-restaurant-strewn thoroughfare lived up to its nickname.

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