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Rockin' Race Jamboree Festival

[2012-02-06 10:36]

A woman dressed in a fifties-style clothe talks to a couple during the 18th Rockin' Race Jamboree International Festival in Torremolinos, near Malaga, southern Spain February 4, 2012.

Police shoot robber after exchange of fire

[2012-02-06 07:58]

Police shot dead an armed robbery suspect after he opened fire on arresting officers on Saturday evening in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province.

Pet stores struggle to cope with dogs abandoned

[2012-02-06 07:55]

Boarding services for pets were busy before Spring Festival, when many dog owners left to travel. But some people never come back for their dogs,turning some pet shops into "dog shelters".

Europe's cold snap claims more victims

[2012-02-06 07:48]

Bitterly cold weather sweeping across Europe claimed more victims on Sunday and brought widespread disruption to transport services.

Romney wins Nevada Republican caucuses

[2012-02-05 11:27]

US Republican front-runner Mitt Romney appeared headed to an easy win in Nevada on Saturday that would put him in firm command of the party's see-sawing presidential nominating race.

Festival lanterns on display in Hebei

[2012-02-05 11:01]

Festival lanterns drew tourists in Zhuozhou, Hebei province on Feb 4, 2012. Beautiful lanterns were displayed to welcome the Lantern Festival that falls on Feb 6, 2012.

London's Panda man

[2012-02-05 08:24]

Xie Jinbiao, a one-time teenage terror, is now a prominent post-1980s Chinese businessman who runs what is considered the only panda-themed toy and souvenir store in London.

Deadly freeze continues

[2012-02-05 08:01]

A Russian fisherman huddles in a cloud of steam as he fishes near the freezing Moscow River. Snowflakes collect on a girl's face in Inner Mongolia. A young woman peers through a bus window in frigid Serbia.

Snow in Beijing

[2012-02-05 07:39]

Snowfall has been light in Beijing this winter, but that has not stopped its citizens from having fun on ice and snow.

Russia, China veto Syria draft resolution

[2012-02-05 06:57]

The draft resolution, backed by the United States and European powers, received 13 votes in favor.

Train mishap in India

[2012-02-04 09:47]

Opening-up to continue

[2012-02-04 09:03]

China will continue its policy of opening-up to the outside world and encourage its enterprises to participate in equal competition in that process, Vice-Premier Li Keqiang said.

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