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Animal of the day - For animal lovers

[2012-03-13 10:36]

Elizabeth, a Lhasa Apso, walks around the parade ring before winning Best in Show.

Deputies study how to boost cultural influence

[2012-03-13 08:04]

China should encourage its companies to help promote its rich culture worldwide, lawmakers and political advisers said.

Healthy cut in cost of medicine

[2012-03-13 07:32]

Reforms of health sector will see prices lowered to bring more benefits.

Forum to tackle global water issues

[2012-03-13 07:22]

Governments and organizations worldwide should cooperate more to tackle water issues, officials said at the 6th World Water Forum.

China Daily Weekly Photos

[2012-03-12 11:33]

Weekly news photos provided by China Daily.

Slide: Paris Fashion Week

[2012-03-12 10:20]

The Filipe Faisca winter 2013 collection show, Lisbon Fashion Week March 11, 2012.

Activists stage nuclear accident drill

[2012-03-12 10:13]

Activists stage a nuclear accident drill to demonstrate against nuclear plant power stations in Buenos Aires.

Deputies call for more efforts in poverty relief

[2012-03-12 10:06]

Lawmakers and political advisors have called for various efforts for poverty alleviation, including stipulation of dedicated law and coordinated efforts in different fields.

No place like home for former migrants

[2012-03-12 08:03]

Job opportunities grow in inland regions as plants move from coast.

In search of a healthy growth model

[2012-03-12 08:02]

Manufacturers of TCM are adapting to survive in the global marketplace.

Revised criminal law to give suspects greater protection

[2012-03-12 07:34]

Legislation set to be voted on by the NPC enshrines rights of those held in custody.

Japan remembers its day of sorrow

[2012-03-12 07:05]

Time may be the great healer but for the people of Japan a year is too short a span to ease the pain and suffering.

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