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Putin secures Russian presidency

[2012-03-05 11:05]

Russia's current Prime Minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin addresses supporters during a rally in Manezhnaya Square near the Kremlin in central Moscow March 4, 2012.

Letting the grain take the strain

[2012-03-05 09:07]

The central government has thrown the focus firmly on food security this year.

Lei Feng continues to lead by heroic example

[2012-03-05 08:17]

Nation looks to altruistic icon for inspiration amid period of self-reflection.

Take shark fin off official menus

[2012-03-05 07:58]

A National People's Congress deputy has called on the central government to take shark fin off the menu at official banquets.

Sacred mountain to get massive facelift

[2012-03-05 07:31]

North China's Shanxi province plans to inject 1.8 billion yuan ($286 million) to boost tourism in the Wutai Mountain area.

Shopping cart race in Salt Lake City

[2012-03-04 11:15]

Members of the King Elvis team walk the second leg of fifth annual Urban Iditarod, which takes place on the same day that the Alaskan Iditarod starts, in Salt Lake City.

Syria hands over bodies of slain foreign journalists

[2012-03-04 08:48]

The bodies of two foreign journalists who were killed last week in Syria's restive Homs province were handed over to representatives of their countries Saturday.

Road to a recoed

[2012-03-04 07:51]

Photographer Prakash Mathema follows Chandra Bahadur Dangi from his remote village in Nepal to the capital Kathmandu.

'Steady and robust' economic development

[2012-03-04 07:50]

CPPCC will concentrate its energies on stimulating steady and robust economic development and promoting social harmony and stability.

Septuagenarian mountaineer to conquer 12th peak

[2012-03-03 10:38]

Carlos Soria grew up wandering the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains that loom north of Madrid. Still climbing now at 73, he is making his mark on the vast freezing slopes of the Himalayas.

Iranians vote for parliamentary elections

[2012-03-03 10:30]

An Iranian cleric casts his ballot for the parliamentary elections at Masoumeh shrine in the city of Qom, 125 kilometers south of the Teheran, Iran, on Friday.

Producer for Zhang Yimou 'deserves an Oscar award'

[2012-03-03 09:39]

Zhang Yimou is humble and sincere, but the man behind him delivers an Oscar-worthy performance of the bad cop, again.

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