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Early fish ancestor found

[2013-09-27 00:16]

The fossilized remains of a 419-million-year-old fish that could be the most primitive known creature with "what we would recognize as a face" has been discovered in China.

Aviation gains from exchanges

[2013-09-26 23:59]

The Chinese aviation industry has benefited from cooperation with foreign institutes and is willing to deepen international exchanges in research.

Djokovic announces engagement to girlfriend

[2013-09-26 13:29]

Djokovic, the world's top-ranked tennis player, announced via social media on Wednesday that he was engaged to marry his girlfriend, Jelena Ristic.

Taipei, LA and Singapore top travel search growth list

[2013-09-26 13:23]

As the National Day holiday approaches, travel search site released findings about popular searches from Aug 1 to Sept 30 over the past three years.

Big cats are part of the family

[2013-09-26 11:42]

Not content with the standard dog or cat, a Brazilian family has a brood of seven tigers.

Rubber duck adjusting to spot at Summer Palace

[2013-09-26 10:38]

The giant yellow rubber duck, created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, meets with visitors at Summer Palace in Beijing, Sept 24, 2013.

Arm exhibition at Russia Arms Expo 2013

[2013-09-26 10:34]

A Russian "TOS-1 Buratino" multiple rocket launcher fires during the "Russia Arms Expo 2013" 9th international exhibition of arms, military equipment and ammunition, in the Urals city of Nizhny Tagil, September 25, 2013.

Suspects in financial offenses arrested in SE Asia

[2013-09-26 01:10]

Ten suspects in major Chinese financial crimes have been arrested in Southeast Asia and repatriated in a recent campaign to catch overseas fugitives.

Echoes of China

[2013-09-26 00:32]

A band takes its commitment to folk music on a national tour for the first time.

On the waterfront

[2013-09-26 00:24]

The ancient town of Zhouzhuang celebrates a storied past and an environment-friendly future, all in a setting that's straight out of a Chinese watercolor.

China champs at the bit

[2013-09-26 00:05]

More than 30 thoroughbred horses from Australia, Ireland, and France joined their Chinese counterparts to gallop for the finale of the first China Equestrian Cultural Festival.

Shanghai lines up new tram system

[2013-09-25 23:54]

Shanghai authorities have proposed building six lines — 90 kilometers of track — in southwestern Songjiang district. Powered by electricity, trams are rail vehicles that run on tracks along public streets.

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