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When did women begin to prefer slim look?

[2014-07-28 20:38]

"Thinner, a bit thinner!" Having a slender figure is the trend for women worldwide. But it was not the case at the beginning of civilization. How did the slim trend come into being? Here is a view into its past.

Twin artists 'Os Gemeos' hold exhibition in Sao Paulo

[2014-07-28 20:38]

Visitors enjoy artworks by Brazilian artists and twin brothers, who go by the name "Os Gemeos", during their exhibition "Opera of the Moon" in Sao Paulo July 25, 2014.

Chery automobile plant nearing Brazilian launch

[2014-07-28 20:36]

Chery Automobile Co's local factory in Brazil will be officially launched in August, making Chery the first Chinese automobile producer with its own production facility in the country.

Brazil launches China desk to handle economic ties with China

[2014-07-26 00:21]

Demarest, a leading law firm in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has officially launched its China desk to handle the rapidly developing economic relations between China and Brazil.

The Penguins of Madagascar to enter China

[2014-07-25 23:04]

DreamWorks Animation kicked off Comic-Con 2014 with an exclusive look at The Penguins of Madagascar in San Diego on Thursday.

Film ambassador promotes Chinese films, TV series in US

[2014-07-25 11:44]

Chinese actress Hai Qing was recently appointed the first ambassador of the Chinese-American Film Festival, organized by Los Angeles-based EDI Media.

NY Wheel reels in Chinese EB-5 investors

[2014-07-25 11:44]

The New York Wheel, an observation Ferris wheel planned for Staten Island that will be the tallest of its kind in the world, has so far received $150 million from foreign investors, the vast majority from China in exchange for green cards.

Panda cub Bao Bao turns one

[2014-07-25 05:18]

Panda cub, Bao Bao, who will celebrate her one-year birthday on August 23, draws curious visitors on Thursday.

China, US reach agreement

[2014-07-24 11:15]

China and the United States agreed Wednesday to strengthen cooperation on infrastructure while calling for an acceleration of talks on a bilateral investment treaty.

HK kid's symphony returns to NY

[2014-07-24 11:15]

The Hong Kong Children's Symphony Orchestra returned to New York City this week five years after its last performance here, to play pieces from Mozart, Gershwin, and Shostakovich at the Kaufman Music Center.

Dance troupe's fusion performance wins over judges

[2014-07-24 10:03]

Performing a fusion of ballet and a Chinese fan dance, the Ballet Jasmine Group, a primarily Chinese-American dance troupe from Atlanta, has made it to the next round of the US television program America's Got Talent.

40 bodies from jet returned to Dutch soil

[2014-07-24 09:48]

Victims of the Malaysian jetliner shot down over Ukraine returned at last Wednesday to Dutch soil in 40 wooden coffins, solemnly and gently carried to 40 identical hearses, flags at half-staff flapping in the wind.

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