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Actress poses with son and daughter for Mother's Day

[2015-05-08 05:32]

Chinese actress Liu Tao poses with her son and daughter during a photo shoot for Mother's Day.

Media players discuss bilateral role

[2015-05-08 10:59]

Cui Yuying, vice-minister of the State Council Information Office; Li Qiangmin, Chinese consul general in Houston; and Juan Williams, author and political analyst of Fox News, meet at fi rst US-China Media Roundtable in Atlanta on Thursday

Beijing female pilots ready for takeoff

[2015-05-08 09:13]

A female pilot with the Beijing police aviation squad prepares for a mission over the capital on Wednesday. Three female pilots with the squad, with an average age of 26, have passed an exam after two years' training and now are capable of performing tasks on their own.

Premier meets with group of innovators over coffee

[2015-05-08 08:12]

Visit to Zhongguancun seen as a gesture of government's support for startup businesses.

Unusual but true: Breast milk ice cream just in time for royal baby

[2015-05-08 09:50]

Squirrels keep secrets of weightlifting stunt to themselves; after nearly 10 years alone at sea sailor is looking for the perfect partner; heavens above! Spanish church welcomes pets to mass; there's no excuse for feeling alone in a selfie.

Candlelight vigil held for victims in Nepal earthquake

[2015-05-08 11:03]

On the 13th day of the earthquake, people take a part in a candlelight vigil in front of collapsed Dharara tower to those who died during the earthquake of 25 April, in sundhara, Kathmandu, Nepal, May 7, 2015.

Across Canada (May 8)

[2015-05-07 22:58]

Across Canada

Ten photos you don't wanna miss - May 7

[2015-05-07 06:45]

Middle school pupils in Hefei city, Anhui province create a "smile" on May 6, marking annual World Smile Day on May 8.

Siberian tiger cubs in NE China

[2015-05-07 09:05]

A total of 20 Siberian tiger cubs, one of the world's most endangered animals, were born in 2015 at the tiger park. China established the Siberian Tiger Park in 1986 with only eight Siberian tigers. Currently, there are more than 1,000 Siberian tigers at the park, all of which have undergone DNA tests to prevent "intermarriage" among them.

The wonders of the Yaxi Expressway

[2015-05-06 15:02]

The Yaxi Expressway, a section of the Beijing-Kunming highway, is a 240-kilometer (149-mile), ladderlike road that reaches for the sky. What makes it unique is that with each kilometer, the roadway ascends by 7.5 meters.

China joins rehearsal for Victory Day parade in Moscow

[2015-05-06 11:26]

Russia celebrates the 70th anniversary of the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany on May 9.

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