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Kerry in Pakistan on unannounced visit

[2013-08-01 07:15]

John Kerry landed in Pakistan for a day of talks aimed at easing tensions over US drone strikes while putting pressure on the nation to do more to eliminate militant havens on its territory.

Xiaomi shifts into low end of mobile sector

[2013-08-01 03:44]

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi Corp launched a sub-brand "Hongmi" (red rice) on Wednesday that targets the country's entry-level smartphone buyers.

7.5% GDP growth 'in reach'

[2013-08-01 03:28]

China's top economic planner expressed confidence in achieving the 7.5 percent gross domestic product growth target this year. Top leader vows to meet growth target

Memorial a tribute to WWII 'comfort women'

[2013-08-01 03:00]

The US West Coast unveiled its first public memorial to World War II-era "comfort women", in Glendale, California, on Tuesday.

Southern China wilts under heat wave

[2013-08-01 01:52]

An extended heat wave is cooking the southern parts of China, with temperatures hitting record highs in seven provinces and regions Tuesday.

Soccer strives for elusive success

[2013-08-01 01:33]

Stories about bribery and match-fixing scandals may have disappeared from the front pages, but 2013 has so far been another frustrating year for soccer fans.

A stitch in time

[2013-08-01 01:04]

She can barely read or write, but 82-year-old Yang Huani of the Miao ethnic group has been keeping a daily record of her routines and moods with a needle for 70 years.

86th Anniversary of the PLA Founding

[2013-07-31 15:20]

August 1 marks the 85th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army.

Manning guilty of 20 charges, not aiding the enemy

[2013-07-31 07:52]

US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was acquitted Tuesday of aiding the enemy but was convicted of espionage, theft and nearly every other count for giving secrets to WikiLeaks, a verdict that could see him spend the rest of his life in prison.

10 die of heatstroke in Shanghai

[2013-07-31 06:59]

Over ten people in Shanghai have died of heatstroke in the east China city's unprecedented summer heat, local health officials said Tuesday.

Center gives parents a lesson in encouragement

[2013-07-31 01:59]

For 13 years Feng Derong practiced the only style of parenting she had known — education through fear, and occasional violence.

Complete showman

[2013-07-30 23:56]

The movies he merely stars in may not be the best of the bunch, but those he makes with full creative control never fail to turn heads. Music sensation Jay Chou morphs from a wonder boy with a Midas touch into a mature artist with more strengths than weaknesses.

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