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Consumer spending falls short

[2013-10-18 23:31]

Consumer spending contributed 45.9 percent of the nation's economic growth in the first three quarters of 2013, falling short of becoming a major driver for GDP expansion.

In pictures: earthquake drills around the world

[2013-10-18 10:14]

Nearly 10 million Californians took part in the "Great ShakeOut" earthquake drill in California on Thursday.

Elderly group sorry about roles in turmoil

[2013-10-18 01:35]

Some elderly Chinese are publicly apologizing for having persecuted the innocent during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76) in a bid to remind young people not to forget history.

China's fine art world on display

[2013-10-18 00:34]

Ever wonder about the overall state of the country's fine arts? The National Exhibition of Fine Arts has put together more than 600 pieces to give a comprehensive picture of the Chinese art scene.

A country at the opera

[2013-10-18 00:23]

As bicentennial celebrations of the opera world's twin titans build up to a crescendo, Raymond Zhou takes time to look back at how far China has come in embracing Wagner and Verdi in our musical life.

US debt deal a temporary fix

[2013-10-17 23:35]

The US government is back in business after a last-minute deal late Wednesday night in Washington prevented the government from defaulting on its loans.
Govt putting US economy at risk

Unwanted imports

[2013-10-17 11:17]

Customs officers in Qingdao, Shandong province, find medical waste among imported solid waste on Oct 15.

A campaign against blue lips

[2013-10-17 11:08]

Volunteers share knowledge about pulmonary edema, characterized by blue lips, to raise public awareness in East China.

Black is losing its luster

[2013-10-17 01:16]

Members of the Heiyi (black-clothed) Zhuang ethnic group still maintain their traditional lifestyle. But villagers worry it is fast disappearing.

Second time around

[2013-10-17 00:57]

Old houses and classic Chinese furniture get a new lease on life as an eager collector is turning his passion into luxury resorts, Xu Junqian reports in Shanghai.

More students back to work after studying abroad

[2013-10-17 00:43]

Facing a stagnant economic situation overseas, more Chinese students are returning home after studying overseas, a trend that looks likely to continue in coming years, a report released this week says.

China, Myanmar deepen military ties

[2013-10-17 00:13]

"China and Myanmar, linked by rivers and mountains, share a paukphaw (fraternal) friendship with each other," President Xi Jinping said.

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