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China's national parks: Natural, scenic and wild

[2017-09-28 10:00]

China released an overall plan on the development and management of national parks to protect its natural beauty on Tuesday. The country has 10 pilot national parks, which are expected to undergo assessments in the coming years and could then be termed national parks.

Exhibition details progress of country over past 5 years

[2017-09-28 07:13]

About 20,000 people visited an exhibition on Wednesday showcasing China's progress in the past five years under the leadership of the Communist Party of China with President Xi Jinping as the core.

Magnificent Chinese bridges you may not know

[2017-09-28 07:18]

A bridge crosses the sea in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province, at sunrise, Jan 13, 2016. [Photo/IC]

Top 10 sedan brands on China market

[2017-09-28 07:01]

Lavidav took the top spot, with sales of 321,100 units, followed by Excelle XT/GT at 270,500 units and Sylphy with 241,800 units sold during the first eight months.

Liu in DC: Bring your business, innovative ideas to China

[2017-09-28 03:48]

China welcomes talent from the United States and other countries to start businesses and engage in innovation in China, visiting Vice-Premier Liu Yandong said in Washington on Wednesday.

Vice-premier charms US in exchange tour

[2017-09-27 10:21]

Vice-Premier Liu Yandong addresses the inauguration ceremony of the China-US Young Maker Summit and China-US Youth Innovation Center in New York University, New York, on Sept 25, 2017.

World's top 10 fintech hubs

[2017-09-27 07:06]

China's Hong Kong has become one of the top 10 most attractive financial technology hubs, with a strong potential for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Changes in Tian'anmen Square decorations for National Day

[2017-09-27 06:32]

Since 1986, it has become a tradition to set up flower decorations around the 440,000 sq m Tian'anmen Square located in the center of Beijing.

World's highest highway tunnel opens in SW China

[2017-09-27 07:57]

The Que'ershan Tunnel, stretching 12.997 kilometers on National Highway No 317, in Ganzi, Sichuan province, opens to traffic on Sept 26, 2017. It is said to be the world's highest tunnel on a highway.

Rented container turns into fairytale garden home

[2017-09-27 07:57]

Located in an ordinary-looking factory on the suburb of the eastern city of Hanghou, a rented container was turned into the warm garden home by Ruan Chenhai.

Self-taught artist creates resin paintings

[2017-09-26 08:43]

Li Jianwen, 21, is a senior animation major at Harbin University of Science and Technology. A year ago, after he happened upon the art of resin painting, he became deeply attracted to it and began to learn how to create this art himself.

Shanghai village transformed by Apple contractor

[2017-09-26 09:24]

An obscure eastern village got on the information superhighway when one of the major contractors of Apple, the leading smartphone maker, chose to set up a plant in the underdeveloped Shanghai corner.

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