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Buying luxury items is a brand-new success story

[2012-02-20 10:22]

Designer labels are in fashion and easier for domestic customers to purchase now than at any time before.

Riverdancers in step with audiences

[2012-02-20 08:42]

Julian Erskine, the Irish senior executive producer of the musical sensation Riverdance, knows he's done a good job if people dance out of the theater after a performance.

Workers face uphill fight for rights

[2012-02-20 07:52]

When Wang Xiaoming had to work on the first day of the lunar Year, they wondered whether their company would pay the extra money owed them by law.

Bear-bile farm draws rebukes for visit proposal

[2012-02-20 07:36]

A Chinese pharmaceutical company invited the public to visit its bear-bile farms.

Thousands rally for Putin before Russian election

[2012-02-19 11:47]

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in cities across Russia in support of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Saturday in a show of force two weeks before a March 4 presidential election.

People mourn at Whitney Houston's funeral service

[2012-02-19 08:34]

Fans and friends arrive for Whitney Houston's funeral service at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey Feb 18, 2012.

Xi highlights youth communications in China-US ties

[2012-02-19 07:55]

Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping has called for mutual understanding and friendship between the youths of China and the United States.

Liu Xiang beats Robles to win Birmingham indoor

[2012-02-19 01:35]

China's Liu Xiang beat arch rival Dayron Robles of Cuba in his personal best time of 7.41 seconds to win the men's 60m hurdles final at the Birmingham indoor tournament on Saturday.

Aussie stewardesses to fly for China Southern

[2012-02-18 15:45]

The first batch of Australian flight attendants hired by China Southern Airlines head to Guangzhou from Sydney for training.

A symbol of preservation

[2012-02-18 09:25]

The leveling of an old-style house in Beijing that was the dwelling of a prominent  couple of architects and preservationists has provoked a public outcry.

Weary crew fights to save stranded US dolphins

[2012-02-18 09:17]

There's no good spot on Cape Cod for dolphins to beach themselves, but on this cold, gray day a group of 11 has chosen one of the worst.

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