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Shanghai's 3D printing expo attracts over 100 companies

[2016-06-03 11:13]

An ongoing 3D printing expo in Shanghai has attracted more than 100 companies from home and abroad to showcase their latest technologies, products and services.

Traditional incense production in Nyemo county, China's Tibet

[2016-06-03 10:50]

Nyemo county is renowned for Tibetan incense by making use of local natural resources, like adequate water supply, favorable climate and various plants.

Performers wanted for Shanghai Disney park

[2016-06-02 08:18]

Instead, managing an epic, year-long casting for the 1,000 performers for marquee musicals such as The Lion King and all manner of other acts that make the Magic Kingdom such a powerful draw, has proved more challenging.

New law protects ancient villages in Southwest China's Lhasa

[2016-06-02 10:51]

A law to protect Lhasa's ancient villages, effective since June 1, creates a legal basis for the protection of the ancient villages in Lhasa which have a long history and profound cultural value for the Tibetan ethnic group.

Kids with HIV in Shanxi's Red Ribbon School

[2016-06-02 08:51]

Liu Liping, a teacher, holds a student at Red Ribbon School in Linfen, North China's Shanxi province, May 30, 2016. The school named "Red Ribbon", the HIV/AIDS awareness symbol, was founded in 2011. A total of 32 congenital HIV carrier students are living in the school.

Heavy rain turns Wuhan into 'seaside' city

[2016-06-02 07:51]

A man takes shelter on the roof of a car in Wuhan city, Hubei province, June 1, 2016. The city recorded the heaviest rain on Wednesday night, with rainfall in some areas reaching 115 millimeters.

Photos: Little royals on the Children's Day

[2016-05-31 17:39]

The children of royalty and politicians around the world are used to the spotlight since birth. With Children's Day coming on June 1, let's take a look at some of the cute pictures of these privileged kids.

Pure love: Chinese 'little prince'and his fox

[2016-05-31 16:35]

Lu Mao, a young illustrator who creats a fox named Bu and healing pictures that warm many people.

Then and now: Recreating that child-like smile

[2016-06-01 15:32]

Then and now: recreating that child-like smile

Young teacher's heartfelt love for the students

[2016-06-01 10:25]

Chen Qiuju, 25, has been teaching at a village school in Sichuan Province for eight years, ever since she graduated from a local teachers' training school. She has devoted herself heart and soul to the children in this rural area.

Robot-themed café debuts in East China's Shanghai

[2016-05-31 13:50]

As the first of its kind integrating science, technology, education and interactive experience, the café, called Airobot Coffee, caused online sensation.

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