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Crowds cheer Court decision on gay marriage

[2013-06-28 02:55]

Huge crowds were cheering as US Supreme Court struck down a federal provision that denies the benefits of legally married gay and lesbian couples.

Dance becomes popular stress relief

[2013-06-28 02:42]

Dancing has become a trendy antidote to stress among young Chinese, especially urban female white-collar workers, in the past three years.

Visit aids 'trust-building process'

[2013-06-28 01:56]

Beijing and Seoul on Thursday stressed a joint commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and maintaining regional peace.
Xi: China firm on Korean Peninsula denuclearization
China, ROK to push for completion of FTA
Trade in focus as top leaders meet

Philippine, US start Naval exercise in S China Sea

[2013-06-27 10:54]

The Philippines and US Naval forces began joint military exercises at the South China Sea on Thursday.

Supreme Court gay rights ruling celebrated across US

[2013-06-27 09:40]

With cheers, tears and kisses, gays and lesbians across the United States celebrated Wednesday's historic Supreme Court decision in support of same-sex marriage.

Rudd returns as Australian PM after Gillard

[2013-06-27 09:07]

Australia's former leader Kevin Rudd won the Labor caucus ballot on Wednesday evening, defeating incumbent Prime Minister Julia Gillard in a 57-45 vote.

Brazil protests intensify before Confed Cup semifinal

[2013-06-27 07:15]

As Brazil's national soccer team prepares for its match against Uruguay as part of the Confederations Cup games Wednesday afternoon, anti-government protesters outside the stadium are ready for a battle of their own.

Long lost weekend

[2013-06-27 03:18]

Guangzhou will soon become the third Chinese city to grant transit passengers from 45 countries a 72-hour visa waiver.

China 'most promising' in FDI

[2013-06-27 03:06]

China moved up from the sixth to the third place in 2012 in terms of outward foreign direct investment — after the United States and Japan.

Park ready to charm China

[2013-06-27 02:47]

With her keen interest in Chinese philosophy and her self-taught capacity for Mandarin, Republic of Korea President Park Geun-hye is set to charm China and bring the two countries even closer together.

Space dream one step closer to reality

[2013-06-27 02:35]

With the safe return to Earth on Wednesday of three astronauts after a successful 15-day mission, China moved a step closer to realizing its space dream.

Prices climb as police crack down

[2013-06-27 02:17]

Drug prices in illegal markets have increased by an average of 35 percent due to an anti-drugs campaign initiated by police, the Ministry of Public Security said on Tuesday.

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