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Miss Nevada crowned as Miss USA

[2014-06-09 16:46]

Nia Sanchez, the 24-year-old from Las Vegas, Nevada, beat out 50 other contestants from all the states and the District of Columbia on Sunday night for the title of 63rd Miss USA.

Youths begin Internships

[2014-06-09 11:58]

After going through a nationwide competition, 30 Asian American students including ethnic groups of Chinese, South Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Miao American, are about to start an internship in various US government branches under a program hosted by the International Leadership Foundation.

History-making game recalled

[2014-06-09 11:58]

Recognizing that sports diplomacy has been developed for years in Sino-US relations, Albrette Ransom, director of Women in Sports Diplomacy, believed it's the right time to celebrate history again.

Peking Opera charms New York City

[2014-06-09 07:27]

Qi Shufang puts on a performance at the 14th Peking Opera Festival in New York, on June 7, 2014. Organized by Qi Shu Fang Peking Opera Company, the troupe staged three plays - Fighting at the City Gates, Mistakes among the Flowers, Lin Chong Flees at Night. Qi, a renowned Peking Opera artist in her 70s, has built a following both in China and abroad.

CUAA hosts basketball tournament in NYC

[2014-06-09 05:33]

In an effort to promote networking among the growing population of university graduates in the United States, one Chinese alumni organization in New York is using basketball as a means to bring people together.

Qingdao native aims to make sailing history

[2014-06-09 04:53]

Vicky Song, a crewmember on the Qingdao boat, poses for a photo on Friday at the North Marina Cover in New York.

Brazil ready to help China score

[2014-06-09 04:46]

As Brazil gets ready to host the 2014 World Cup and its team plays Croatia on opening day, the head of Brazil's Sports Ministry said his country is willing to help China develop football into a national sport.

Banco do Brasil opens branch in Shanghai

[2014-06-09 02:57]

Banco do Brasil upgraded its China representative office to a branch last week, as the biggest bank in Brazil continues to increase its investment in China to cash in on the two country's strengthening economic ties.

White house sit-in against immigrant deportation

[2014-06-08 23:45]

White house sit-in against immigrant deportation

XCMG's new factory to create over 1,500 jobs

[2014-06-07 23:23]

XCMG's investment in Brazil is not only an economical action but also represents the China's increasing investment in our country, said the Mauro Borges Lemos, the president of the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development at the inauguration ceremony of the first factory of China's XCMG Construction Machinery in Pouso Alegre on Friday.

Virginia's governor bids to expand China business ties

[2014-06-07 22:48]

As governor of a state adjacent to the nation's political capital, Terry McAuliffe is all about business. And to him that means "it's all about jobs, all about growing and diversifying the economy.

Western leaders mark D-Day landings on Normandy beaches

[2014-06-07 07:16]

Friday was a nice sunny day, on this very day, world leaders and veterans flocked to Normandy beaches in northern France to commemorate the D-Day landings that helped defeat Nazi forces in World War II seven decades ago.

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