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Drug gang killers on Mekong set to be executed

[2013-03-01 07:40]

Naw Kham, the Myanmar drug lord convicted of murdering 13 Chinese sailors in 2011, will be executed on Friday.

City of sand and smog prepares for a dusty spring

[2013-03-01 00:54]

Beijingers experienced thick smog in the morning and haze from a yellow sandstorm in the afternoon, resulting in poor air quality, reduced visibility and disrupted traffic.

Snow hits Ottawa

[2013-02-28 14:44]

A woman walks past the National War Memorial during heavy snowfall in Ottawa, Feb 27, 2013.

Beijing, nearby regions in 'dangerous' air

[2013-02-28 13:34]

The air quality in Beijing and nearby regions hit dangerous levels Thursday, Beijing's environmental authorities said.

Severe drought hits Southwest China

[2013-02-28 08:11]

About 600,000 people are facing shortage of drinking water amid severe drought that hit southwest China's Yunnan Province for the fourth straight year, and the current drought has affected 5.11 million mu of cropland in the province China's drought relief authority said Feb 21, 2013.

Mainland, Taiwan look to possibilities in aerospace

[2013-02-28 00:52]

The mainland is eager to cooperate with Taipei on space research and development, Fan Liqing, spokeswoman for the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office, said at a news conference.

China's aircraft carrier docks at Qingdao

[2013-02-28 00:35]

China's aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, dropped anchor for the first time at a naval port on Wednesday morning.

Stampede prompts safety calls

[2013-02-28 00:34]

Four students died in a stampede at a primary school on Wednesday morning in Hubei, in an incident that has prompted calls to improve campus safety.

Chinese team arrives in Egypt over balloon crash

[2013-02-27 22:30]

A Chinese Foreign Ministry work panel arrived in Egypt on Wednesday to deal with the aftermath of a deadly hot air balloon crash, in the wake of nine Hong Kong tourists dying in the tragedy in the country.

US denies petition for Lunar New Year

[2013-02-27 08:12]

China's 1.3 billion people celebrated the two-week Lunar New Year holiday this month, and now 39,780 people want it to be a national holiday in the US.

System to reduce dropouts, school closures

[2013-02-27 02:35]

A planned nationwide education accountability system aims to reduce the number of students who drop out because of closures and rural-school mergers, the Ministry of Education said on Tuesday.

Eat, shoot and leave at Panda hotel

[2013-02-26 12:50]

A new panda-themed hotel has opened at the foot of Emei Mountain, Southwest China's Sichuan province, Feb 25, 2013. The hotel is reportedly the first panda-themed hotel in the world.

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