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Liu Xiang falls on London Olympic debut

[2012-08-07 17:59]

Liu Xiang fell at the first hurdle in the 110m hurdles heat on Tuesday, missing the chance to reclaim his gold glory and probably ending his Olympic career.Tribute for fallen star Fans and rivals show respect Liu hit by two-time injury-worry Liu embodies Olympic spirit Liu doesn't think about quitting

Gold medal moment: Day 10

[2012-08-07 09:22]

Gold medal moment: Day 10

Rains spawn deadly floods, mudslide

[2012-08-07 07:42]

At least nine people in Liaoning province, five in Hubei province and one in Yunnan province were confirmed dead in floods and mudslides triggered by rainstorms on Monday.

Xu wins Laser Radial in Olympic sailing

[2012-08-07 07:23]

China's Xu Lijia won Laser Radial class in the Olympic sailing after a close medal race on Monday, the second gold ever in sailing for China.

Ship advances deep-sea salvage rescue work

[2012-08-07 03:25]

China's largest submersible-support vessel was delivered and put into service on Monday in Qingdao, Shandong province.

Curiosity of a girl lands on Mars

[2012-08-07 03:03]

The $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory and its Curiosity rover landed on the Red Planet on Sunday to determine if life ever existed there.

Hiroshima marks 67th anniversary of atomic bombing

[2012-08-06 16:24]

Hiroshima marked the 67th anniversary of the US nuclear attack on Monday morning, people took a moment of silence at 8:15 am local time, the time the bomb was dropped in 1945.

Curiosity lands on surface of Red Planet

[2012-08-06 13:44]

The Mars science rover Curiosity landed on the Martian surface shortly after 10:30 pm Pacific time on Sunday to begin a two-year mission, NASA said. NASA braces for Mars rover plunge

Chinese VP greets experts, grassroots talents

[2012-08-06 13:39]

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping on Sunday greeted a group of renowned experts and grassroots talents and encouraged them to contribute more to the country's development.

Breastfeeding is best

[2012-08-06 10:42]

More than 30 mothers breast-feed their babies for one and a half minutes to promote World Breastfeeding Week in a shopping mall in Wuhan, Hubei province, on Saturday.

Gold medal moment: Day Nine

[2012-08-06 09:36]

Gold medal moment: Day Nine

Fortune squandered without recycling

[2012-08-06 07:52]

About 320 metric tons of gold and more than 7,500 tons of silver - together worth $21 billion - are used each year in manufacturing electronic devices.

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