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Snapshots: the world in 24 hours March 30

[2011-03-31 19:01]

Collection of photos shot all around the world on March 30, 2011.

Solar power plant built in Tibet

[2011-03-31 16:37]

Solar panels are set in Xigaze in the Tibet autonomous region, March 30, 2011.

Special duo raises money for disabled children

[2011-03-31 16:17]

A special duo, formed by Asia's tallest man and the smallest man in China, will perform in Chongqing in a bid to raise money for disabled children before World Health Day on April 7.

View of waterfall draws visitors

[2011-03-31 10:51]

The view of Hukou Falls of Yellow River in Yichuan county, Shaanxi province, on March 30, 2011.

Mercury's first color image released by NASA

[2011-03-31 10:45]

Mercury is seen in the first color image of the planet from orbit by NASA's MESSENGER probe, released March 30, 2011.

President Hu Jintao meets with Sarkozy

[2011-03-31 07:18]

President Hu Jintao called for an immediate ceasefire in Libya on Wednesday to prevent further civilian casualties and to "give peace a chance".
Questions remain over Libyan air strikes

All 19 trapped in tunnel collapse rescued in Yunnan

[2011-03-31 07:06]

Nineteen workers that were trapped in a collapsed tunnel Tuesday afternoon were rescued on Wednesday evening in Southwest China's Yunnan province, local government said.

Calligraphy on a grand scale

[2011-03-31 06:36]

Artist Wang Dongling creates calligraphy on a gigantic piece of traditional Chinese paper on Tuesday at a gymnasium at China Academy of Art’s Hangzhou campus in Zhejiang province.

China Fashion Week

[2011-03-30 22:13]

A model presents a creation for the 16th Cherry Cup China New Fashion Designer Contest show during China Fashion Week in Beijing, March 30, 2011.

Snapshots: the world in 24 hours, March 29

[2011-03-30 15:04]

the world in 24 hours

Work on London's Olympic Stadium completed

[2011-03-30 13:47]

Construction on the flagship stadium for the 2012 London Olympics was completed Tuesday.

Sea burials to hit peak of 1,000 in Beijing

[2011-03-30 08:23]

More Beijingers are being buried at sea, helping to save space and the environment, according to the capital's funeral authorities.

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