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In small-town China, movies are big

[2013-11-09 00:46]

Opinion leaders like critics may have the final say in the appraisal of a film, but it is the young in provincial cities that increasingly determine the box-office results in the Chinese market.

A gathering of gourmets

[2013-11-08 23:58]

When one is invited to dine in Beijing with members of the Chaine des Rotisseurs, the oldest international gastronomic society, it's hard not to lick one’s lips in anticipation

Super typhoon Haiyan slams into Philippines

[2013-11-08 23:41]

The strongest typhoon in the world this year and possibly the most powerful ever to hit land smashed into the Philippines on Friday, forcing more than a million people to flee, flooding villages and raising fears of widespread casualties.

50 arrested at LA protest over Wal-Mart wages

[2013-11-08 15:44]

More than 50 people demanding better wages for Wal-Mart workers in a protest organized by a union were arrested outside the retailer's store in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles on Thursday night.

Kerry to join Iran nuclear talks in bid to reach deal

[2013-11-08 09:28]

John Kerry will join nuclear talks between major powers and Iran in Geneva on Friday in an attempt to nail down a long-elusive accord to start resolving a decade-old standoff over Tehran's atomic aims.

Britain remembers war dead

[2013-11-08 07:22]

During London's damp and chilly days of November, the ubiquitous red Flanders poppies are eye-catching.

Twitter shares soar in NYSE debut

[2013-11-08 02:37]

Twitter Inc soared as much as 92 percent in its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange. 
Is Twitter's IPO Alibaba's cue?
Who will get rich from Twitter's IPO?

Politicians court US-Asians amid anti-China sentiment

[2013-11-08 00:04]

Asian-Americans are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, and politicians are increasingly scrambling to reconcile a need to appeal to them with a lingering anti-China sentiment that reached a climax in the 2010 midterm elections.

Artists see big picture in CBD's art zone

[2013-11-08 00:02]

When Jin Yiting set out to open a studio in Beijing, making and selling her handmade kesi artwork, she planned to choose an old warehouse on the outskirts of the capital which would not cost too much.

Stolen newborn returned to family

[2013-11-07 23:49]

Police have recovered a baby allegedly stolen from a hospital in Hubei province and are questioning a suspect.

TCM firms should 'learn rules of West'

[2013-11-07 23:46]

An expert in China's natural health products has one crucial suggestion for traditional Chinese medicine-makers interested in selling their products in the United States: Know the rules.

Soyuz rocket flies Olympic torch to space station

[2013-11-07 14:18]

A three-man crew successfully blasted off into space with the Olympic torch on Thursday, ready to take it on its first space walk in what they said would be a "spectacular" showcase for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.

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