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Major iceberg forming in Antarctica: scientists

[2011-11-04 07:23]

NASA scientists are watching a giant crack forming over a vulnerable Antarctic glacier and they think it will soon break off into an iceberg the size of New York City.

Eleven is the loneliest number

[2011-11-03 11:02]

Eleven guys wrapped in quilts ride the No 1 metro line in Shanghai on Nov 1, 2011.

Hu, Sarkozy meet ahead of G20 summit

[2011-11-03 09:25]

Chinese President Hu Jintao met his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy in Cannes on Wednesday ahead of a Group of 20 summit.

Classes suspended at six schools after truck blast

[2011-11-03 08:25]

Eight people have been confirmed dead and 218 are being treated in hospital following the explosion of two trucks carrying dynamite in Southwest China's Guizhou province on Tuesday, according to officials.

Young girl takes on adult role in spotlight

[2011-11-03 08:23]

Unrelenting media attention has brought hope, and a lot of disturbance, to a 10-year-old girl struggling through a difficult life.

Rescuer didn't save a life for fame

[2011-11-02 08:05]

Jumping in the water to save a drowning woman in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, seemed the right thing to do for Maria Fernanda.

Hu's trip fosters cultural exchange

[2011-11-02 07:48]

President Hu Jintao has visited the Austrian National Library in Vienna and a farm in Salzburg, hometown of 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Hu's trip, the first by a Chinese president in 12 years, conveys the message of cultural exchange.

Weather debate shrouded in fog

[2011-11-02 07:40]

"Fog is not pollution," Du Shaozhong said in his micro blog on Monday morning, in response to a question about Beijing's poor air quality.

Slide: China Fashion Week

[2011-11-02 06:37]

Slide: China Fashion Week

Slide: China Fashion Week

[2011-11-02 06:37]

Slide: China Fashion Week

Master of paper crafts

[2011-11-01 14:56]

Nie Fangjun, a 79-year-old craftsman, paints a paper dragon at his studio in Fenghuang county, Central China’s Hunan province, Oct 30, 2011.

Dense fog shrouds E China

[2011-11-01 13:26]

Thick fog continued to blanket China's eastern regions on Tuesday morning, the National Meteorological Center said, warning of increased traffic safety risks.

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