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Tornado sweeps through Texas

[2012-04-05 09:49]

At least two tornadoes tore through the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area in Texas on Tuesday.

District gives residents new homes

[2012-04-05 07:38]

Rong Changmin, 53, is thrilled that she's going to move from her dilapidated home in the Mentougou district on the western outskirts of Beijing to a new two-bedroom apartment.

Fantasy history is a novel idea

[2012-04-05 07:36]

Time travel to ancient dynasties gives readers a sense of escape, reports Xu Junqian in Shanghai.

Probe launched in land seizure

[2012-04-05 07:23]

The seizure of farmland has led to an investigation after the incident led to public outrage on Internet.

Bullet train stewardesses put on new uniforms

[2012-04-05 06:39]

Stewardesses dressed in new uniforms wait for passengers to board a bullet train, which is bound for Nanjing.

Swarm of tornadoes rip through Texas

[2012-04-05 06:34]

Up to a dozen tornadoes skipped through the densely populated Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas on Tuesday.

Barca, Bayern cruise into Champions League semis

[2012-04-04 10:14]

Holders Barcelona and Bayern Munich reached the Champions League semi-finals with home wins over AC Milan and Olympique Marseille respectively on Tuesday.

China's economy continues to grow: Wen

[2012-04-04 08:37]

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Tuesday that despite the decline of a few major economic indicators, China's economy as a whole continues to grow as the government anticipated in its exercise of macro-controls.

Qingming tradition continues in US

[2012-04-04 02:20]

There's an upsurge of interest in Tomb-sweeping Day as Chinese Americans honor their ancestors

Colors of India

[2012-04-03 07:55]

One of the most striking impressions of India is color.

Qingming Festival special

[2012-04-03 07:17]

Tomb Sweeping Day, or Qingming is a national festival stretching back more than 2,500 years for people to honor and remember their deceased loved-ones at cemeteries and memorials.

More love called for autism group

[2012-04-02 19:14]

College student volunteers and those who engage in the business of autism treatment took to streets to call for more attention to people with autism on April 2, which is also the Fifth World Autism Day.

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