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Weekly Photos: Jan 7 - 13

[2013-01-14 09:30]

Weekly Photos: Jan 7 - 13

Rehearsal of swearing-in at US capitol

[2013-01-14 08:22]

Actors portraying US President Barack and his official party join other stand-ins for a dress rehearsal of the swearing-in ceremony at the US Capitol, Washington DC, Jan 13, 2013. The official inauguration and swearing-in is Jan 21, 2013.

African troops to push back Mali extremists

[2013-01-14 08:10]

Troops from Mali's neighbors are expected to join hundreds of French soldiers in the battle to push back Islamic extremists holding Mali's north, a fight that in its first two days has left at least 11 civilians dead.

Boosting migrants' education

[2013-01-14 08:04]

The education authority in Beijing's Chaoyang district said it will shut down non-government run schools for migrant workers' children to ensure the students receive a better education.

Brewing up an international brand

[2013-01-14 05:50]

It is a conventional wisdom among Chinese people that after a heavy meal, a cup of Pu'er tea will help to cut the grease and remove excessive fat from the body.

Healthy debate over air

[2013-01-14 00:57]

Heavy smog and haze that enveloped Beijing on the weekend has seen "Beijing Cough" becoming increasingly popular with local media and Chinese citizens.

Foreign students stage Kung fu show

[2013-01-13 11:16]

International students from the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports perform kung fu during the Ministry of Education's 2013 New Year reception for international graduates, held at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

A movie that moves

[2013-01-13 08:31]

China's biggest homemade blockbuster reaps 1.2 billion yuan and is closing in on the box-office champion Avatar.

Smoggy weather engulfs large areas of China

[2013-01-13 07:54]

Heavy fog enveloped a large swathe of East and Central China on Saturday, causing highway closures and flight delays in several provinces. Dense fog shrouds Beijing Fog, haze lead to big spike in pollution levelsChina issues yellow fog alert

46 bodies found in Yunnan mudslide

[2013-01-13 07:38]

By noon on Saturday rescuers had found the bodies of all 46 people who died when they were buried in a landslide that hit a mountainous village in Yunnan province on Friday morning.

France bombs Mali rebels, African states ready troops

[2013-01-13 05:00]

French aircraft pounded Islamist rebels in Mali for a second day on Saturday and neighbouring West African states sped up their plans to deploy troops in an international campaign to prevent groups linked to al Qaeda expanding their power base.

Dense fog shrouds Beijing

[2013-01-12 15:07]

The data of air quality monitoring shows that the pollutant levels of PM2.5 in Beijing reached between 340 and 446, belonging to serious pollution six.

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