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Nursing home for aged pandas in Sichuan

[2016-12-22 07:29]

There are eight giant pandas above 20 living at the Dujiangyan base. The Dujiangyan base, which undertakes the work of disease control and prevention for pandas, also acts as a nursing home for aged pandas.

Harbin's snow and ice festival starts trial run

[2016-12-22 07:53]

More than 10,000 tourists brave the cold as the 18th Harbin Ice and Snow World, an 800,000-square-meter park, began trial run.

In Lapland home, Santa prepares for Christmas

[2016-12-22 09:39]

At Santa Claus' Lapland home in Finland, his helpers sort out piles of letters from around the world, each detailing children's requests for this Christmas.

Beijing designer turns sneakers into smog masks

[2016-12-22 13:57]

Wang has made around 20 smog masks out of brand name sneakers, since he had the idea in 2014 when the avid runner found the smog problem was too intolerable after finishing a half marathon.

Mexico fireworks market blast kills at least 27, hurts scores

[2016-12-21 09:16]

At least 27 people died and at least 70 were injured in an explosion at a fireworks market outside the Mexican capital, local authorities said.

Beijing exhibition to show new exploration in 'gongbi' art

[2016-12-21 06:53]

The 10th National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art to be opened on Dec 22 in Beijing will gather works of some 44 artists who are active in the realm of contemporary art. Their works, created since 2013, incorporate the style of gongbi tradition but embrace an experimental spirit.

Scenery of rime in North China's Hebei

[2016-12-21 08:57]

An aerial photo taken on Nov 20, 2016 shows the scenery of rime in Zunhua, North China's Hebei province.

24 Solar Terms: 9 things you may not know about Winter Solstice

[2016-12-21 05:05]

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Winter Solstice, the 22nd solar term of the year, begins this year on Dec 21 and ends on Jan 4.

Nine die after truck ploughs into crowd in Berlin

[2016-12-20 04:34]

A lorry in a suspected attack ploughed into a crowd at a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday night, killing nine people and injuring many others, Berlin police announced over Twitter.

New season, new look: Changing landscape of China

[2016-12-20 09:25]

In recent years, the government and individuals have made a lot of efforts, including launching clean water projects and forestation, to preserve nature and build a beautiful China. Whether it's north or south, east or west, each and every part of this vast country wears a new look as the seasons change. Here are some images that capture this transformation.

Hardships and hope: Life of Beijing drifters

[2016-12-20 06:44]

With those born in the 1980s and 1970s still the dominant forces in the labor market, the post-90s generation have followed their steps to join the massive force of Beipiao, or drifters in Beijing, which refer to those who work in Beijing but do not have permanent resident status.

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