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Top 10 most expensive sports cars for 2016

[2015-06-03 06:31]

The astonishing, powerful products are poised to be delivered on the market next year. Among some amazing vehicles, a Porsche is the most "affordable" while Bugatti continues to top the rankings by price.

Key facts in the 12 hours after ship capsizes in Yangtze River

[2015-06-02 12:18]

Eleven people have been pulled from water, 10 of them alive. Rescuers are exploring the bottom of the ship where they have heard noises...

Massive operation launched to rescue ship passengers

[2015-06-02 08:44]

A passenger ship carrying 458 people sank Monday night in the Hubei section of China's Yangtze River.

Farmers bet on the bull market

[2015-06-02 14:14]

There are over 100 farmers in the village investing in the stock market to test their fortunes, aging from 27 to over 60.

Top 10 largest banks in the world

[2015-06-02 06:36]

Among the world's 100 largest banks, China takes the top spot with 13 in total, while the US comes second with 11. Canada is at third with six, followed by the UK, Japan, Spain, and France, according to Forbes Global 2000.

Ten injured in crane accident in Manhattan

[2015-06-01 09:28]

At least ten people were injured by a mechanical crane in an accident at a construction site in New York's midtown Manhattan on Sunday, city officials said.

Forum trends: Becoming 'a little more Chinese'

[2015-06-01 08:46]

Kellivschina, our blogger from the US, found that China has definitely been rubbing off on her since she moved here eight months ago. Have your lifestyles changed during your China stay?

World's 15 most valuable brands of 2015

[2015-06-01 06:36]

Apple has been ranked the most valuable brand in the world, up 67 percent over the last year, according to a BrandZ list, released on Wednesday by advertising firm WPP and market researcher Millward Brown.

The world in photos: May 25- 31

[2015-06-01 11:17]

Here's a look at some of the most striking images from major stories around the world in the past week. These include: a volcano erupting in Ecuador's Galapagos Islands, an intense heat wave in India, the US honoring its war dead on Memorial Day, and restoration work in quake-hit Nepal.

Solar plane departs from China to Hawaii

[2015-05-31 15:24]

Swiss-made solar-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 departed from the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing on Sunday morning to fly across the Pacific, the toughest segment in its round-the-world trip.

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