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The world in photos: Aug 3-9

[2015-08-10 11:59]

We present some of the most striking images from major stories around the world in the past week.

'Most beautiful road on water'

[2015-08-10 10:39]

To avoid destroying a forest, authorities have built a 10.9-kilometer road linking Gufu to Zhaojunqiao in Xingshan county, Central China's Hubei province, that completely bypasses the nearby mountain. Two stretches of the project are two bridges, altogether 4.4km, built over two rivers.

Ethnic groups celebrate the Torch Festival

[2015-08-10 08:08]

Tens of thousands of visitors celebrate the Torch Festival with the Yi ethnic people in Xichang city, Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, Sichuan province, on Aug 8.

Ten photos you don't wanna miss (Aug 3-9)

[2015-08-10 11:52]

Professional cyclers ride and pose near the lake near Wuhan University on Aug 2.

30 historic and cultural neighborhoods to visit in China

[2015-08-06 07:40]

The first group of historic and cultural neighborhoods in China has been released by the State Urban Environment Commission and Administration of Cultural Heritage, which selected 30 neighborhoods in 26 cities.

Beijing Museum of Natural History unveils 'Night at the Museum'

[2015-08-06 10:51]

Beijing Museum of Natural History 's (BMNH) annual event "Night at the Museum" kicked off on August 5.

Sun Yang wins third consecutive 800m free gold at worlds

[2015-08-06 08:07]

Sun Yang showed his dominance in the long distance freestyle by winning the men's 800m freestyle for the third straight time at the world championships on Wednesday.

Aerial escape

[2015-08-06 09:09]

Suspended above the ground, magician Ning Ning performs an escape act at Juyongguan, a Great Wall scenic spot in Beijing, on Wednesday. The show is a warmup for the World College Students' Magician Exchange in the capital from Sept 24 to 26.

Freshmen of top universities from poorer families work part time to reduce family burden

[2015-08-06 13:43]

The left picture shows Huang Xiaoying, a 2015 freshman of Peking University, takes a rest at a restaurant where she works part time after the college entrance exam in Longshan county, Central China's Hunan province on July 30, 2015. The right picture depicts Huang Xiaoying presenting her university admission certificate. She works at the restaurant trying to reduce economic burden of her family, which mainly relies on her father working out of town.

17 armed forces take part in Russia military contest

[2015-08-05 07:44]

Members of the armed forces of 17 countries are in Russia for an international military competition, showing off their military skills and armaments, according to Chinese military media.

A glimpse of traditional Chinese business blocks

[2015-08-05 08:00]

Combined with modern business modes, traditional Chinese business blocks have a new look and creat a new promotional image of the city.

Top 5 most popular drones in China

[2015-08-05 07:33]

Information provided by Ezvid. Inc, a new media software company based in the United States. The list is based on drone sales at

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