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Chilean quake-affected residents demand more help

[2014-04-06 09:26]

Residents from Laguna Verde of Iquiqu took part in the demonstration demanding more help for the people affected by the 8.2 magnitude earthquake that affected the north of Chile on April 1.

Ballot boxes on donkeys in Afghanistan

[2014-04-05 16:04]

Afghan election workers lead donkeys carrying ballot boxes and other materials to polling stations which are not accessible by road in the Kishindih district of Balkh Province, northern Afghanistan.

World's unusual graveyards

[2014-04-04 14:11]

For many thousands of years, humans have preserved the remains of objects - even themselves. The locations for the demised objects are usually called graveyeards, but they are not always for people. Pets, military tanks, airplanes and trains all have their own graveyards.

Chinese directors critique China's cinema

[2014-04-04 11:58]

As more Hollywood movie stars show up in China to promote their work in the world's second-largest box office, two of China's biggest film directors offered their views on Hollywood and the Chinese cinema landscape.

Bodybuilders prepare backstage before competition

[2014-04-04 09:03]

Bodybuilders prepare backstage before an amateur competition in the Israeli city of Dimona.

Chinese drama to stage in Silicon Valley

[2014-04-04 08:49]

Stage drama fans in Silicon Valley will get a blast to the past — to China's Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to be precise — with this weekend’s performance of Stunning Beauty at the Cupertino Flint Center.

Tanks tackle wildfires in NE China

[2014-04-04 08:15]

Forestry police practice with fire-fighting tanks on Thursday in a field training in the Greater Hinggan Mountains in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province.

China's first 'sea airship' to be put into commercial use

[2014-04-04 07:55]

China's first commercial "sea airship" Xiangzhou 1 wing-in-ground-effect vehicle has got the airworthiness certification from China's Classification Society on Thursday and is going to be put into commercial use.

A 'perfect storm' of smog in UK prompts health alert

[2014-04-04 07:13]

Pollution from Europe and dust swirling in from the Sahara desert created a "perfect storm" of smog in Britain on Wednesday.

Kidnapping scares Chinese tourists

[2014-04-04 07:09]

Chinese tourists at a Malaysian resort have left or plan to leave for home after a raid by gunmen who kidnapped a Chinese citizen.

10 monks pass highest Tibetan Buddhism exam

[2014-04-03 19:50]

Ten monks passed the annual debate defense exam and were accredited as Geshe Lharampas - the highest academic degrees of the Tibetan Buddhism - at Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, on Thursday.

Two Chinese are winners in Met auditions

[2014-04-03 11:11]

When Ao Li saw Manhattan's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts - the home of the Metropolitan Opera House - for the first time, he cried.

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