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India poised for Republic Day parade

[2014-01-24 09:25]

Indian Army soldiers march during the full dress rehearsal for the Republic Day parade in New Delhi January 23, 2014. India will celebrate its Republic Day on Sunday. 

'Small New Year' celebrations across China

[2014-01-24 08:54]

Police officers from Hongqiao district in Tianjin municipality visit Li Ximin, a 103-year-old woman who lives alone, with festive presents on Jan 23, or Xiaonian, which means Small New Year. The festival falls on the 23rd or 24th of the 12th month of the lunar year. [Photo/Xinhua]

Reforms aim to put soccer back on track

[2014-01-24 00:48]

The national governing body for soccer has passed institutional reforms that it hopes will help revitalize the sport in China, after several years of poor performance and corruption scandals.

New views: amazing 3D pencil drawings

[2014-01-23 13:53]

A gondola approaches a bridge as it glides down a canal in this 3D drawing by Muhammad Ejleh, a 20-year-old artist and architecture student from Syria. He creates his drawings through a painstaking process that frees his images from the constraints of 2D paper.

US anti-abortion rallies march for life

[2014-01-23 09:36]

Anti-abortion protesters take part in March for Life on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., January 22, 2014.

PLA navy drills in South China Sea

[2014-01-22 17:26]

A group of battleships from the PLA navy's South Sea Fleet is performing a long-distance training mission and has patrolled the Xisha Islands.

Catnaps help travelers keep going

[2014-01-22 16:19]

Chunyun, the 40-day travel period around the Chinese New Year, started on Jan 16. About 3.62 billion passenger trips will be made during the travel period. It's a long journey, but it seems everyone on the road home is managing to beat back fatigue in their own way.

Snow storm hits US East Coast

[2014-01-22 04:10]

Heavy snow swept through East Coast of the United States Tuesday, forcing more than 2,000 flights to be canceled.

China begins receiving oil from Russia

[2014-01-22 03:27]

Oil supply from Russia offers China more import sources and enhances the nation's energy security.

Japan seeks US understanding about dolphin hunt

[2014-01-21 22:24]

Japanese fishermen drove a large group of dolphins into the shallows and killed at least 30 on Tuesday.

Underwater photos exhibited in Beijing

[2014-01-21 17:31]

A photography exhibition featuring water-themed images by Henry Gan, an American-Chinese advertising photographer who has been in the industry for two decades, has ended its tour in Beijing and will move on to Shanghai in April, and then to Chengdu before it goes to Paris and Tokyo later this year.

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