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Tackling graft is 'priority'

[2012-11-08 03:49]

Tackling corruption is high on the agenda of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a congress spokesman said on Wednesday. Sound bites Expat's view: 7 days that will change the world

Obama makes election night victory speech in Chicago

[2012-11-07 16:15]

US President Barack Obama smiles during his election night victory speech in Chicago, Nov 7, 2012.

US-China relations to stay the course

[2012-11-07 13:14]

The culmination of the US presidential race on Tuesday would also seem to end the slew of anti-China remarks, but experts say the outcome won't alter the nature of US-Chinese relations.

Wealth and health key for Chinese

[2012-11-07 03:14]

Chinese people deem income the most important factor that determines their happiness and confidence about the future, a survey has found.

Firms look to UK railway projects

[2012-11-07 02:36]

Top Chinese contractors are looking to take part in railway projects in the United Kingdom, seeing that as a way to promote their brands in developed economies.

US election day voting in full swing

[2012-11-07 00:46]

After voters cast the first Election Day votes, polls elsewhere began to open before the day's first light streamed across the American East Coast.Daytime polls open as Americans vote in electionSpecial

Most Chinese women exposed to second-hand smoke

[2012-11-06 19:58]

Nearly two-thirds of women of reproductive age in China are exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke at home and over half are exposed in the workplace, which raises the risk of complications in pregnancy, including stillbirths and infant death.

US election kicks off with midnight voting

[2012-11-06 14:51]

The 10 registered voters in the small village of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire cast the first election day ballots of the US presidential election moments after midnight Nov 6, 2012.

Migrant worker group ready for first congress

[2012-11-06 11:29]

Among more than 2,200 delegates, 26 migrant workers have become a focus as this is the first time they will appear at the National Party Congress as a group.

Premier Wen displays confidence in economy

[2012-11-06 08:40]

The economy is stable and GDP goals are attainable and China has the determination and capability to improve its economy, Premier Wen Jiabao said.

Do or die: Final campaign day dawns

[2012-11-06 08:22]

After a 18-month battle, the final US campaign day arrived Monday for Barack Obama and rival Mitt Romney, two men on a course for the US top job.Obama, Romney focus on swing states
Chicago to re-elect Obama

China takes EU solar dispute to WTO

[2012-11-06 00:51]

China said on Monday that it has made a complaint to the World Trade Organization against photovoltaic subsidies in the European Union.

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