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Stewardesses trained to show sweet smile

[2015-10-09 16:27]

The stewardesses of Chengdu Railway Bureau's Chongqing passenger traffic section practice their smiles with the help of chopsticks during training.

Tourist attractions receive30 million visitors during Golden Week

[2015-10-09 13:16]

Ticket receipts at major attractions stood at 1.59 billion yuan during the seven days, said the China National Tourism Administration.

Top 10 most competitive economies

[2015-10-09 06:41]

Switzerland has the most competitive economy, while the Chinese mainland ranks 28th, said the World Economic Forum in its latest report.

Cold wave sweeps through China

[2015-10-09 08:27]

Strong winds blew away smog and cooled the capital Thursday night, which marked Cold Dew, according to China's 24-solar-terms calendar.

Taking a peek

[2015-10-08 23:12]

Bei Bei, the giant panda cub at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, now has her eyes partially open and teeth buds developing, according to the zoo.

News you don't wanna miss over the National Day holiday

[2015-10-08 13:56]

Here are the top stories from China and the world over the last week during Chinese National Day holiday.

TCM knacks to fight post-holiday syndrome

[2015-10-08 05:00]

Many people find it difficult to adjust back to work and study after a pleasant holiday. Post-holiday Syndrome is characterized by fatigue, anxiety and sleepiness. Here are some TCM tips to help you beat the syndrome.

Zhang Lei wins fourth season of Voice of China

[2015-10-08 09:51]

Singer Zhang Lei was crowned winner of the fourth season of hit reality television show Voice of China during the finals at the National Stadium in Beijing on Oct 7.

Rising yuan use may lift IMF basket prospects

[2015-10-07 10:49]

The yuan's displacement of the Japanese yen as the world's fourth most-used currency is likely to bolster the Chinese currency's admission to the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Special Drawing Rights basket of currencies, analysts said.

China wins first Nobel in medicine

[2015-10-05 23:06]

China has its first Nobel Prize in Medicine. And 84-year-old TuYouyou said she was not surprised to get it.

Gary Locke: Candor key to relations

[2015-10-06 11:01]

Gary Locke believes that candor is the key to Sino-American relations.

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