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Shuttle Discovery heads toward its final landing

[2011-03-09 10:12]

Astronauts aboard the space shuttle Discovery prepared on Tuesday to bring NASA's most-traveled spacecraft back to Earth, wrapping up its 39th and final mission.

Helicopters to swoop into first aid action

[2011-03-09 08:32]

Police helicopters are expected to be mobilized in the city's emergency medical responses, according to the Shanghai Medical Emergency Center.

Narrow social life traps women in poverty

[2011-03-09 08:19]

The narrow social networks of rural women on the Chinese mainland are the main cause of their higher poverty and unemployment rates, gender studies experts said at a forum on grassroots women over the weekend.

Gadhafi exit talks rejected

[2011-03-09 07:14]

A Muammar Gadhafi envoy offered to hold talks on the Libyan leader's exit, but the rebels rejected negotiations with a leader they do not trust.
Libyan rebel gives Gaddafi 72 hours to quit

Medieval aura brims at Belgium's Binche carnival

[2011-03-09 06:48]

The Gilles of Binche parade in the early morning of the carnival event in Binche March 8, 2011. The Binche carnival, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage event, is the biggest and the liveliest such annual event in Belgium.

Thousand battle forest fire in SW China

[2011-03-09 00:28]

More than 1,000 fire fighters, forest police officers and soldiers are battling a fire that has engulfed 400 mu (26.7 hectares) of forest in southwest China's Yunnan Province as of Tuesday night, said local forest fire control authorities.

Women ride the first pink subway

[2011-03-08 13:40]

A passenger steps into the Jing'ansi station of Shanghai subway Line Two, March 8, 2011. A special subway with the theme "spring pink" will run on line two for a week to mark the International Women's Day in Shanghai. The subway has been decorated with pink pictures and displayed posters containing knowledge of women's health care.

Obama to name new US ambassador to China

[2011-03-08 08:32]

Obama will nominate Commerce Secretary Gary Locke as next ambassador to China, officials said.

Rare earths to be more tightly controlled

[2011-03-08 07:58]

China will more tightly control the exploration for rare-earth minerals and unify the distribution of precious metals in North China to regulate the sector.

Double header

[2011-03-08 07:20]

An African spurred tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) with two heads and five legs is displayed in Zilina March 7, 2011. The two-headed tortoise, which has been given the two names Magda (left head) and Lenka, is seven weeks old and was born in Slovakia.

Gadhafi forces gain ground at oil port

[2011-03-08 06:54]

Libyan rebels ceded ground to Muammar Gadhafi's advancing forces on Monday as the US came under increasing pressure to arm the opposition, and the UN appointed a humanitarian envoy.

Cultural bridge links China and Europe

[2011-03-07 22:11]

A China-Hungary-Europe gala evening, in which both Chinese and Hungarian artists perform, has created a cultural bridge between China and Europe.

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