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Chinese fleet sets sail for joint drills

[2013-08-21 00:29]

Three Chinese naval vessels set sail for the United States, Australia and New Zealand on Tuesday to take part in a series of military drills.

Everyman movie star

[2013-08-20 23:46]

Huang Bo has excelled at playing the man on the street, which, instead of typecasting him, has provided him with a vast canvas for his continuously bubbling creativity.

Rural boarding schools need dorm managers

[2013-08-20 23:36]

The absence of dormitory managers in rural boarding schools is adversely affecting the quality of education in those schools, a report said.

Chinese characters under threat in digital age

[2013-08-20 23:27]

China's cultural reach is growing every year — but is one of its most-treasured traditions under threat on its own shores?

Center of hope and support

[2013-08-20 22:44]

When the Big C strikes, it is often what happens afterwards that is crucial to the patient and the patient's family. In Hong Kong, an inspirational concept has launched a place where the sick can learn to heal themselves.

US, China to expand military exchanges

[2013-08-20 08:50]

The United States and China agreed on Monday to expand military exchanges and exercises as part of efforts to build more stable ties.

Snowden reporter to publish UK secrets

[2013-08-20 06:34]

The journalist who first published secrets leaked by Edward Snowden vowed on Monday to publish more documents and said Britain will "regret" detaining his partner for nine hours.

PLA aerobatic team to perform in Russia

[2013-08-20 01:27]

The August 1st Air Demonstration Team, China's first and best-known aerobatic flight display team, will stage its first overseas show in Moscow with J-10 jet fighters, which will fly outside China for the first time.

A game Chinese hoopsters are bound to lose

[2013-08-20 01:12]

Chinese basketball has found itself in hot water after a humiliating loss by the national team at the recent Asian Championship in Manila.

Poetry with power

[2013-08-19 22:56]

In the information age, when poetry has been crowded out of the public sphere by the Internet, television, films and novels, Syrian-born poet Adonis is still enthusiastically greeted by Chinese fans.

Growth driver

[2013-08-19 18:25]

E-commerce helps Western companies gain a toehold in China's vast, untapped domestic market.

PLA aerobatic team's overseas debut

[2013-08-19 16:57]

The team will join its Russian counterpart at the 11th Moscow Airshow at the Ramenskoye Airport between Aug 27 and Sept 1.

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