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Western science in the eyes of Chinese emperors

[2015-12-02 09:36]

A collection of 100 cultural relics of Western science and technology in the reigns of Kangxi and Qianlong (1681-1796) from the Palace Museum will be exhibited in Shangdong Museum from Dec 1.

Top 10 smartphone vendors with highest shipments in Q3 2015

[2015-12-02 06:56]

According to data consultancy Digitimes Research, after the low season in the first half of 2015, demand for smartphones is expected to grow due to the Christmas shopping season drawing near in China, Europe and the US.

A deepening friendship

[2015-12-02 06:11]

Xi calls for taking China-Zimbabwe relations to a new high to benefit people of both countries.

Xi, Obama pledge to manage differences in constructive manner

[2015-12-01 07:06]

China and the US pledged to manage differences and sensitive issues in a constructive manner commit to a climate change agreement.

BRICS media leaders gather in Beijing for cooperation

[2015-12-01 11:07]

BRICS media leaders gather in Beijing for cooperation

Restaurateur spreads Chongqing xiaomian all around the world

[2015-12-01 13:50]

Xiaomian is a traditional numbingly hot noodle soup from Chongqing, a southwestern municipality of China. For many people who live in this city, the noodles are an integral part of their diet.

Civil service exam: From mock interviews to mirror practice

[2015-12-01 09:17]

A 24-year-old sat for the national civil service exam on Sunday with the aim to be a civil servant in his hometown, though the exam seems to lose appeal as 460,000 candidates reportedly did not attend it.

'Seoul, a city of stream' exhibition impresses visitors in Beijing

[2015-12-01 09:11]

An elaborate exhibition featuring the social and cultural development of Seoul is being staged in China’s capital by the Beijing Capital Museum and Seoul Museum of History.

IMF includes RMB in SDR basket

[2015-12-01 01:25]

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Monday admits China's yuan into its benchmark currency, a milestone in the integration of the Chinese economy into the global financial system.

Exquisite gold and jade products go on display in Beijing

[2015-11-30 08:26]

Several gold and jade products, including the biggest-ever native gold in the world, went on display at the 2015 China International Jewellery Fair in Beijing on Saturday.

Post-85s girl's yoga dream

[2015-11-30 13:27]

Cao Being a great yoga enthusiast, she returned to her hometown Xining, Northwest China's Qinghai province, in 2013, and started her own business.

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