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China advised to curb credit growth

[2014-04-14 11:09]

IMF says reining in borrowing is important for long-term stability

US educators embark on Chinese quest

[2014-04-14 11:09]

Members of the School Superintendents Association, a Virginia-based professional group, will visit five Chinese cities for two weeks this summer to increase their understanding of the Asian nation to help them incorporate its language and culture into US school programs.

'Two moms' meet again in Houston

[2014-04-14 11:09]

More than 100 fans attended a conversation between Chinese actress Liu Xiaoqing and former actress Lily Chen Foster (Chen Ye) at the Baker Institute at Rice University.

UCLA will open lab in Shanghai

[2014-04-14 11:09]

A Chinese firm, the Centre Testing International (CTI) Corp plans to team up with the University of California and UCLA's department of pathology to open a unique health laboratory in Shanghai in September.

DPRK opens race to foreigners

[2014-04-14 07:28]

The streets of the capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea were filled with runners from all over the world on Sunday for the annual Pyongyang marathon, which was open to foreign amateurs this year for the first time.

Death toll from Chile forest fire rises to 16

[2014-04-14 07:11]

The death toll from the massive forest fire in Chile's port city of Valparaiso has risen to 16, while more than 500 houses destroyed and 10,000 people evacuated since the fire broke out Saturday in the hills surrounding Valparaiso, authorities said Sunday.

Christie's to auction dazzling diamonds

[2014-04-13 20:17]

Christie's New York is displaying the largest flawless fancy vivid blue diamond ever to appear at auction.

Duchess receives Maori welcome

[2014-04-13 09:01]

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, receives a traditional Maori welcome called a "hongi" from David Ellison after she arrived with her husband, Britain's Prince William, in Dunedin April 13, 2014. Prince William and his wife are undertaking a 19-day official visit to New Zealand and Australia with their son, Prince George.

Women's missile unit joins China's army

[2014-04-12 11:56]

Soldiers from China's first female rocket launching unit in training, April 3, 2014, the same day they became an official part of the nation's artillery having previously only been a temporary unit.

Coldest marathon: a song of ice and fire

[2014-04-11 10:55]

The 2014 UVU North Pole marathon takes place at a temperature of minus 30 degrees. Run over the classic 42.195km (26.2 miles) marathon distance, it is described as the world's coldest marathon.

Prince William, Kate unveil portrait of Queen Elizabeth

[2014-04-11 09:27]

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge unveil a painting of Britain's Queen Elizabeth for her diamond Jubillee by Nick Cuthell at a reception at Government House Wellington, NZ.

People enjoy cherry blossoms in Washington

[2014-04-10 15:28]

People enjoy the famed cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin in Washington April 9, 2014.

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