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Photos: High-speed rail ready for travelers

[2012-12-26 10:01]

Photos: A close-up of high-seepd rail

Chinese Navy escort voyages fruitful

[2012-12-26 07:47]

Navy fleets escorting commercial vessels in the Indian Ocean have successfully accomplished their international missions over the last four years.

Principal detained over accident

[2012-12-26 03:33]

Guixi authorities in Jiangxi province have closed the unlicensed Chunlei Kindergarten in Binjiang township, and police have detained the school's principal.

Better ties crucial: envoy

[2012-12-26 03:31]

Japan's new ambassador arrived in Beijing on Tuesday as the country's incoming Prime Minister Shinzo Abe picked a new foreign minister amid looming tension over the Diaoyu Islands.

Magic of mothers and cubs

[2012-12-25 14:44]

Professional photographer Steve Bloom captures the natural bond between animals and their off-springs.

Bloomberg's images of 2012

[2012-12-25 12:07]

Joanne Smith speaks during an interview at an election night rally in Chicago, Illinois, US, on Nov 6, 2012.

US lobby issues point-blank 'no' on gun control

[2012-12-25 07:52]

The most powerful gun lobby in the United States stood firm on Monday against any additional restraints on firearms and ammunition sales.

11 children killed in school bus accident

[2012-12-25 03:36]

A seven-seat van carrying 15 children drove into a pond in East China's Jiangxi province on Monday morning, killing at least 11.

Railway to create network of 'city clusters'

[2012-12-25 00:56]

The world's longest high-speed rail service is expected to bring huge economic prosperity to towns and cities along its route.
Train companies' exports gain steam

Li Keqiang: A man who puts people first

[2012-12-24 10:33]

His toughness in advancing complex reforms, as well as his social warmth and scholarly temperament have made him a major figure in China's political arena.

Profile: Xi Jinping: Man of the people, statesman of vision

[2012-12-24 10:11]

The new helmsman of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Xi Jinping has been acclaimed as a leader advocating reform and the China Dream and bringing a fresh breeze into China's political life.

Cities battle against cold front

[2012-12-24 03:33]

A cold front has descended on many provincial capitals, with temperatures in some cases hitting well below -20 C, while temperatures in parts of central and eastern areas are predicted to hit record lows.

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