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Folk artist from Zhengzhou creates vivid figurines

[2017-04-07 10:55]

Just by looking at a photograph, Jia Guanghui, a folk artist from Zhengzhou in Henan province, can make a vivid figurine. The 40-year-old is an inheritor of handmade figurine craft, which has been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage.

How Chinese gave new life to Maine lobsters

[2017-04-07 11:24]

Maine in the US is known for its lobsters. A few years ago, the industry was facing a crisis because of massive oversupply in the domestic market. But then the Chinese fell in love with lobsters and the industry took off.

Heart-shaped pond found in Chongqing, Southwest China

[2017-04-07 10:57]

Heart-shaped pond found in Chongqing, Southwest China

Chinese, Finnish presidents meet winter sports athletes

[2017-04-06 09:32]

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto met skaters' representatives from the two countries here Wednesday evening, with both sides pledging to enhance cooperation in winter sports.

President Xi's latest remarks on Sino-US relationship

[2017-04-06 09:46]

President Xi's latest remarks on Sino-US relationship

Engineering feat takes shape in Sichuan

[2017-04-06 10:12]

Spanning 1,100 meters across Luding River in Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture of Sichuan province, the first main cable backstay of Xingkang Bridge, part of an expressway that links Ya'an city and Kangding county in the province, has been successfully installed on Wednesday.

Giant panda cub 'Chulina' goes on walkabout with special friends

[2017-04-06 09:03]

Chulina, the first female giant panda cub to be born here at Zoo Aquarium, had two special visitors on Wednesday when she went for her first walk outside the pagoda where she has spent her life until now.

Exquisite magnolia flower-themed relics decorate spring

[2017-04-05 10:17]

Recently the Palace Museum in Beijing released a series of photos showing magnolia-themed cultural relics from the museum. Let's take a look.

Top 10 most expensive cars in the world

[2017-04-05 06:45]

The world's most expensive car rankings have been reshuffled after luxury carmakers showcased their new models at this year's Geneva International Motor Show and North American International.

Cat 'waiters' welcome guests in Beijing

[2017-04-05 13:46]

Here is a good restaurant for cat-lovers. At the restaurant, guests can play with these cute four-legged animals. However, people must be gentle with them.

Mystical foggy view of Sidu River Bridge in Central China

[2017-04-05 10:17]

An aerial photo shows the mist-shrouded Sidu River Bridge in Enshi, Hubei province, April 4, 2017.

Tibetan-styled oil painting exhibition held in Lhasa

[2017-04-01 14:04]

Contemporary Tibetan-styled oil painting exhibition held in Lhasa

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