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Shenzhou X spacecraft ready for June launch

[2013-06-03 16:45]

The manned Shenzhou X mission will be launched in the middle of June, said a spokesperson of China's manned space program on Monday.

Weekly Photos: May 27 - June 2

[2013-06-03 12:09]

A Shandong University of Art and Design senior dresses up with headwear at a design art show in Jinan on May 28, 2013. The art show was held by senior students of the university who will graduate this summer.

At least 119 die in NE China fire

[2013-06-03 11:43]

At least 119 people were killed on Monday morning in a poultry processing plant fire in Northeast China's Jilin province, rescue headquarters confirmed.

Angelina Jolie makes first public appearance after surgery

[2013-06-03 10:27]

Angelina Jolie made her first public appearance since announcing her double mastectomy, joining Brad Pitt in London where she welcomed the debate on women's health that the surgery had sparked.

Three storm chasers killed by Oklahoma tornado

[2013-06-03 07:52]

Three storm chasers were among the 10 people killed by tornadoes that rampaged through central Oklahoma on Friday.

Thousands take to streets in Turkey, clash with police

[2013-06-03 06:29]

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Turkey's four biggest cities on Sunday and clashed with riot police firing tear gas.

Boeing delivers country's first 787 Dreamliner

[2013-06-03 02:52]

Chinese airlines' first Boeing 787 Dreamliner jetliner arrived at Guangzhou on Sunday, almost five years behind schedule amid production delays.

Leaders highlight economic ties

[2013-06-03 01:19]

China has strengthened ties with the Latin American region as President Xi Jinping harvested political consensus and cooperation pacts during his visit.
President attends ceremony at site of hospital
Student thrilled to meet president
Ambassador envisions long, fruitful relationship

Fresh-faced art

[2013-06-03 00:53]

It's a traditional Chinese art, but the facial makeup of Peking Opera is finding a modern renaissance with the magical touch of Jiao Yingming.

President Xi calls for legislative exchanges

[2013-06-02 12:04]

President Xi Jinping on Saturday called for more exchanges between the legislative bodies of China and Trinidad and Tobago while meeting with the parliament leaders of the Caribbean nation. Xi calls for higher level China-Antigua and Barbuda co-op Xi stresses friendship, co-op Chinese dream hailed Xi vows to advance ties with Trinidad and Tobago 

Philadelphia Orchestra commemorates ruby anniversary

[2013-06-02 10:07]

The Philadelphia Orchestra stages a concert at Hangzhou Grand Theater on Friday, under the baton of conductor Donald Runnicles.

Oklahoma tornadoes kill at least nine

[2013-06-02 08:26]

Nine people were killed in tornadoes that swept through central Oklahoma on Friday, part of a storm system that caused widespread flooding in Oklahoma City and its suburbs.

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