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Global presence

[2013-05-31 04:10]

Chinese artists will be well represented at the 55th Venice Biennale, an important showcase of the best contemporary artworks from around the world.

Xi vows better protection of children

[2013-05-31 03:08]

President Xi Jinping has said the country will guard against, and crack down on, any words and deeds that harm children.

Smoking a 'chronic disease'

[2013-05-31 02:27]

Smoking cessation clinics are struggling to stay in business on the Chinese mainland, as more than 300 million smokers continue to light up.

Chinese students tackle US foreign policy

[2013-05-30 11:48]

The Foreign Policy Colloquium is a three-day program to help Chinese students better understand the complex forces that shape American foreign policy.

US VP announces new stage in ties with Brazil

[2013-05-30 11:17]

US Vice-President Joe Biden reaffirmed Wednesday that the United States believes the year 2013 will mark the beginning of a new stage in relations with Brazil.

Say no to tobacco

[2013-05-30 10:31]

Chinese students hold various activities to advocate no smoking before World No Tobacco Day.

Biannual occurrence 'Manhattanhenge' in NYC

[2013-05-30 09:48]

"Manhattanhenge", coined by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, occurs when the setting sun aligns itself with the east-west grid of streets in Manhattan, allowing the sun to shine down all streets at the same time.

Flowing water, towering hills

[2013-05-30 04:19]

They say water nourishes man and that woman is made of water. It is only when you visit Guilin that you realize the truth of this. Pauline D. Loh pays a pilgrimage to the world-famous Guilin hills and the river that flows through them.

Tobacco companies go online for ad space

[2013-05-30 03:45]

A recent report said that tobacco companies have reduced their advertisements in traditional media, but are looking to step up their presence on the Internet.

No longer at home in their hometowns

[2013-05-30 03:20]

Gao Lili rarely goes home anymore. In fact, she rarely even refers to it as "home".

Chinese research vessel sets out for Pacific Ocean

[2013-05-29 11:06]

An expedition team of 96 members aboard Haiyang-6 set out for the Pacific Ocean Tuesday to carry out a five-month survey on undersea mineral resources.

Train derails in Rosedale, US

[2013-05-29 10:51]

A CSX Corp derailed train car carrying chemicals burns after being struck by a truck in Rosedale, Maryland May 28, 2013 in this photo courtesy of the Baltimore Sun.

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