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Photo exhibition showcases Tibet's biodiversity

[2012-05-26 16:02]

A photo exhibition showcasing Tibet's biodiversity kicked off a national tour on Friday, aiming to boost people's sense of responsibility for protecting nature.

Anyang Aero Sports Tourism Festival opens

[2012-05-26 15:31]

The 4th China Anyang International Aero Sports Tourism Festival is held from May 26 to June 2 in Anyang, Henan province.

I lost focus after French Open title: Li

[2012-05-26 14:50]

The distractions of being French Open champion led to six wasted months, said 2011 winner Li Na, who has finally found her form again in time to defend her title next week.

Gunman shoots self after hostage released in US

[2012-05-26 09:12]

Police said a gunman, who on Friday held several people as hostage in a real estate office in Valpapaiso, a small city in Indiana State of the US, shot himself after all hostages were released.

'Little Sa' winds her way up to Lhasa

[2012-05-26 08:07]

The homeless dog, known as Xiao Sa, has been following a team of cyclists for 24 days along 1,833 kilometers of highway from Kangding, Sichuan province, to Lhasa in Tibet.

School demolition prompts return of HK donation funds

[2012-05-26 08:03]

The Mianyang city government in Sichuan province said it honored the government of the Hong Kong SAR's decision to take back its HK$2 million in aid for the construction of a local school.

Li presents award for architecture

[2012-05-26 02:58]

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang attends the award ceremony for the Pritzker Architecture Prize in Beijing on Friday.

MPs brawl in Ukraine parliament chamber

[2012-05-25 17:17]

Opposition deputies brought proceedings to a halt inside the Ukrainian parliament on Thursday, when they staged an action against the bill about the basics of the language policy.

Top university graduate goes to farm

[2012-05-25 13:32]

Graduated from Peking University in 2009, Liu Guoqi is one of the few who gives up the chance of studying abroad and ventures on farming.

Slide: PLA air force in jet drill

[2012-05-25 10:13]

An aviation unit with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has been training in a plateau in Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region for two months in a bid to increase the aircraft's maintenance ability.

CPC Publicity Department opens doors

[2012-05-25 07:56]

The Communist Party of China's publicity officials offered an opportunity for foreign diplomats to get a glimpse of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Fraud suspects transferred

[2012-05-25 07:24]

Malaysian and Thailand transferred 126 Chinese mainlanders who were allegedly involved in a transnational telephone fraud to mainland police.

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