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Wen, Merkel visit tunnelling equipment Co in Guangzhou

[2012-02-04 08:03]

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (R) pose in front of a model of a tunnelling system during their visit to a plant of the Herrenknecht Tunnelling Equipment company in Guangzhou Feb 3, 2012.

Serbia: 11,000 trapped by severe weather

[2012-02-04 07:40]

At least 11,000 villagers have been trapped by heavy snow and blizzards in Serbia's mountains, authorities said, as the death toll from Eastern Europe's deep freeze rose to 123, many of them homeless people.

Mental healthcare emerges from the shadows

[2012-02-03 09:44]

One in 13 people in China has a mental problem, and one in 100 is a severe case.

Chinese ship rescues ferry passengers

[2012-02-03 07:44]

Chinese sailors rescued 29 people off Papua New Guinea's east coast after a ferry sank on Thursday with about 350 people on board.

US economic recovery outlook remains uncertain

[2012-02-03 07:43]

The outlook of the US economic recovery remained uncertain, as the recovery was confronted with a set of domestic and external headwinds.

Chinese bailout funding for Europe possible

[2012-02-03 07:30]

China may offer rescue funds to Europe, Premier Wen Jiabao said after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday.Merkel urges support for euro

10% of China’s wetlands is in Tibet

[2012-02-02 10:53]

The total area of wetlands in Tibet is 6 million square hectares, 10 percent of all the wetlands in the country.

Cold snap grips Europe, killing 89

[2012-02-02 07:41]

Record-low temperatures in parts of Eastern Europe pushed the death toll from Arctic conditions to at least 89 people on Wednesday.

73 killed in Egyptian soccer match riot

[2012-02-02 04:20]

Hundreds of others are injured in this soccer match riot in Port Said of Egypt, state TV reported.

HK financial chief delivers budget speech

[2012-02-01 17:01]

Hong Kong's financial chief John Tsang unveiled the budget proposals for the fiscal year 2012-2013 at a Legislative Council meeting Wednesday.

Robot removes cancers without leaving scars

[2012-02-01 15:01]

Inspired by Singapore's famous chilli crab dish, researchers have created a miniature robot with a pincer and a hook.

Actor nabbed in Beijing over marijuana

[2012-02-01 10:14]

Chinese actor Zhang Mo, son of noted movie star and director Zhang Guoli, was arrested Monday for taking marijuana, Beijing police said Tuesday night.

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