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Su-27 jets fly at airshow

[2011-08-19 20:41]

Russian Air Force Su-27 Russkiye Vityazi (Russian Knights) jet fighters perform during the MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow, August 19, 2011.

President Hu meets Biden

[2011-08-19 19:19]

Chinese President Hu Jintao met with US Vice-President Joe Biden on Friday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Xi, Biden talks business issues in Beijing

[2011-08-19 16:19]

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chairman Wan Jifei, US Vice-President Joe Biden, Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping and US ambassador to China Gary Locke meets with business leaders at a China-US Business Dialogue in the Beijing Hotel in Beijing August 19, 2011.

Breaking poverty in China's villages

[2011-08-19 15:09]

As many as 350,000 people in Ningxia live in severely destitute conditions, such as poor roads, water shortages, and a lack of education and medical facilities.

Young players give Chinese football a shot in the arm

[2011-08-19 12:38]

Team China ended their Universiade football dreams after losing 2-3 to Japan in the game's knockout stage at the Bao'an Stadium in Shenzhen Thursday night.

Dharma Festival opens in Tibet

[2011-08-19 10:52]

Performers form the number 60 - symbolizing the 60th anniversary of peaceful liberation of Tibet autonomous region - at the opening ceremony of the weeklong Dharma Festival, also called the Horse Race Festival in Gyangze county, Tibet on Aug 18, 2011.

'We must boost market confidence'

[2011-08-19 07:49]

China and the United States share a responsibility for boosting global market confidence, Vice-President Xi Jinping said on Thursday, while meeting US Vice-President Joe Biden who is on a trust-building visit.

Another charity under public scrutiny

[2011-08-19 07:41]

Chinese netizens have begun to raise doubts about the financing and management of the China-Africa Project Hope, which aims to establish 1,000 primary schools in Africa in 10 years.

Qiantang River tide rushes in

[2011-08-18 13:47]

Spectators who came to watch the tides at Qiantang River run to avoid a huge wave hitting the dike, in Hangzhou city, East China’s Zhejiang province, Aug 17, 2011.

Chinese, US vice-presidents hold talks

[2011-08-18 12:03]

The US is committed to establishing a close and serious relationship with China, said Biden.
Special: US Vice-President Biden visits China

Migrant seashell collectors

[2011-08-18 11:16]

Most of the seashell collectors are not locals, who are usually unwilling to take the dangerous job. Seashell collectors often work on remote islands, where they climb steep cliffs, and withstand a constantly changing climate.

Giant pandas cool off with ice

[2011-08-18 10:18]

Two giant pandas cool down with an ice block at a giant panda base in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province, on Aug 17, 2011. The base personnel sent ice blocks and air conditioners to offer relief to pandas amid hot temperatures.

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