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Keeping the legend alive

[2011-10-05 08:59]

Storytelling is an art for a select few in Nagqu who ensure the many adventures of the Tibetan hero King Gesar will never be forgotten.

Dongxiang days

[2011-10-05 08:57]

China Daily reporting team returns with new appreciation of life in Dongxiang county of rural Gansu province.

Canines compete in sports meet

[2011-10-04 20:59]

Dogs wait before a participating in a competitive match in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu province, Oct 4, 2011.

Celebrating seniors' festival

[2011-10-04 20:44]

Double Ninth Festival

Picture perfect

[2011-10-04 09:32]

Flying into Dali, Yunnan province, on a bright summer morning was a magical experience. The plane banked around Erhai Lake as the sun picked out the small city perched on its banks.

Face of 'heavenly peace'

[2011-10-04 09:31]

In the early decades of the founding of New China, the portrait image of Chairman Mao Zedong on Tian'anmen Rostrum was changed eight times.

'Spidermen' of the cliffs

[2011-10-04 09:30]

In some scenic spots, with steep mountainous terrain, walkways are placed along the cliff face to allow tourists a better view. These walkways are securely positioned by specialist workers with a head for heights.

Immune system discoveries win 2011 medicine Nobel

[2011-10-04 07:52]

Three scientists who unlocked key elements of how the body's immune system works won the 2011 Nobel Prize in medicine on Monday.

Typhoon-triggered floods kill at least 4

[2011-10-03 15:21]

The death toll in the floods caused by Nesat rose to four on Sunday in south China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, as the typhoon continued to wreak havoc, local authorities said on Sunday.

Twin celebrations during National Day holiday

[2011-10-03 10:56]

The 8th Beijing Twins Festival, started on Oct 2 in Honglingji Park in Beijing city, featured various activities and attracted about 600 couples of twins. The twins will show their talents in contests, parade in dresses, participate in sports games, join hands with parents in interaction games.

Waiters Race in Buenos Aires

[2011-10-03 09:31]

Waiters compete in the annual Waiters Race, in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, Oct 2, 2011. About 450 waiters took part in the competition.

Micro blogs: The new grapevine

[2011-10-03 08:47]

Micro-blogging has been growing rapidly, dwarfing the many other forms of social networking that came into being only three or four years ago.

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