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Top 10 largest new international plants in China

[2015-03-13 07:03]

More international giants expand their production base in the country last year

Picturesque scenery of red earth in Yunnan

[2015-03-12 08:17]

Dongchuan, a rural area in the northeast of Kunming, SW China's Yunnan province, is believed to have the world's most imposing red earth, even more magnificent than that in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

E China villagers snatch fake goods to be destroyed

[2015-03-13 07:54]

Local villagers snatch fake and counterfeit goods to be destoryed at a landfill on the outskirts of Xuzhou city, East China's Jiangsu province.

Across Canada March 13

[2015-03-12 05:47]

Across Canada March 13

Night life with a difference

[2015-03-12 09:04]

Sun and her husband Luo Hongbin are designated drivers, having begun working in 2013.

Top 8 symptoms of being a smartphone addict

[2015-03-12 07:24]

Phubber, or smartphone addict, refers someone who is snubbing real social contact by frequently checking their phone and posting words and pictures on the Internet.

Christie's to auction landmark Chinese collection

[2015-03-11 11:07]

Robert Ellsworth, dubbed the "King of Ming," began his career as an art dealer as a teenager, and one of his first acquisitions was a wooden sculpture of the guanyin, the East Asian god of mercy, which he bought at the age of 14.

Chinese manufacturers keeping Apple Watch ticking

[2015-03-11 13:28]

The huge shipments of the Apple Watches can only be made possible with strong support from Apple's suppliers. According to Apple, 349 of those suppliers are in China.

Hutong culture captured on porcelain plates

[2015-03-11 11:09]

Artist Kuang Han's Beijing Hutong series of porcelain plate paintings is on display at the Nanchang Porcelain Plate Painting Exhibition, which opened at the Beijing Tiantan Art Gallery on March 8, 2015.

Foreigners at the 'two sessions' over the years

[2015-03-11 08:30]

Over the years, the foreign envoys and journalists are always a favourite subject for Chinese photographers during the "two sessions".

Top 10 most valuable airlines brands in the world

[2015-03-11 07:26]

Air China and China Eastern retain the title of one of the world's most valuable airlines brands this year.

Qipao beauty in Chinese oil paintings

[2015-03-11 07:00]

Most of Chen Yiming's paintings feature the qipao and Chinese beauty in a soft, demure and old-fashioned style. His works are described as 'combining western painting skills and oriental culture'.

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