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Apple to launch bigger iPhones to reignite sales

[2014-06-26 11:33]

Apple Inc suppliers in China will begin mass production of its largest iPhones ever next month, according to people familiar with the plans, as the smartphone maker faces increased competition.

Baucus: Investment pact opens a new chapter

[2014-06-26 03:53]

The new United States ambassador to China, Max Baucus, said on Wednesday that advancing a bilateral investment treaty between the world's two largest economies will be his top priority.

2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival kicks off in DC

[2014-06-25 23:44]

Singers from the Dimen Dong Folk Chorus from southwest China's Guizhou province perform on Wednesday morning at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall in Washington.

Chinese tycoon hosts luncheon for homeless New Yorkers

[2014-06-25 23:44]

Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao speaks to the media before he kicks off the lunch party in New York's Central Park, where he reportedly invited hundreds of homeless New Yorkers and promised each guest $300.

Crew at fault in Asiana crash: NTSB

[2014-06-25 11:06]

The crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport a year ago that killed three Chinese girls was caused by inadequate pilot monitoring of airspeed and the flight crew's mismanagement of its landing approach, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said on Tuesday at a public hearing in Washington.

PLA ships arrive in Hawaii for naval exercise

[2014-06-25 07:46]

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy guided missile destroyer Haikou (171) arrives at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam to participate in the multi-national military exercise RIMPAC 2014, in Honolulu, Hawaii, June 24, 2014. RIMPAC is the world's largest biennial naval exercise between the US and Pacific Rim nations, with 23 countries participating this year, including China who will be joining it for the first time.

Xunlei IPO on Nasdaq raises $88m

[2014-06-24 22:57]

Xunlei Ltd, a Chinese digital media company, netted $87.8 million in an IPO on the NASDAQ in New York on Tuesday.

Soldier's struggles inspire birth of an opera

[2014-06-24 11:07]

The death of US Army Private Danny Chen, a Chinese American, in 2011 is a story that remained in the back of playwright David Henry Hwang's mind, but when he was approached about writing a play about it, he didn't feel like he could apply his best efforts to it in such a format.

Shanghai's Jews focus of DC show

[2014-06-24 11:07]

Pointing to a teen class photo on the exhibition board, 84-year-old Evelyn Pike Rubin remembered well her eight years living in Shanghai after her family fled Nazi Germany in 1939.

Stable reform expands US-China relations

[2014-06-24 11:07]

Calling Chinese President Xi Jinping's reforms the most comprehensive since former leader Deng Xiaoping's in the 1980s, a China scholar offered a perspective on what the future holds for US-China relations.

Fosun invests in studio to get Hollywood's know-how

[2014-06-24 07:38]

Chinese conglomerate Fosun International is taking a stake in new US media company Studio 8 to get Hollywood's know-how into China's film industry, now the second largest market in the world after the United States.

Conference targets China, US biopharma ties

[2014-06-23 11:53]

Collaboration is the best way to advance biopharmaceutical research and there remains ample opportunity for scientists in the US and China to work together on developing new medicines and technologies to combat diseases.

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