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Rare panda cub plays to the gallery at San Diego Zoo

[2013-01-12 09:53]

Xiao Liwu, the newest surviving giant panda born in captivity in the United States, made his public debut on Thursday at the San Diego Zoo by shunning the media but shining for the public.

Demand for gold on the rise

[2013-01-12 09:32]

Demand for gold may rise as central banks and sovereign funds are likely to replace US dollar and euro holdings with the precious metal.

Early Afghan combat handover agreed

[2013-01-12 09:25]

US President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai agreed to speed up the handover of combat operations in Afghanistan to Afghan forces.

Fitness first

[2013-01-12 08:57]

The manufacture of fitness equipment is Xiamen's forte. The city is a global power in the field, with one in every three treadmills in the world made in the East China coastal city, and shows no sign of running out of steam, if Xiamen city government data are anything to go by.

Chemical dump affects water supply in Shanghai

[2013-01-12 03:00]

Authorities in Shanghai have been offering emergency water supplies to residents of a southwestern suburb after a discharge of chemical waste into a river required the water to be cut off to about 30,000 people.

46 found dead after landslide

[2013-01-11 12:12]

The death toll in a landslide that hit a mountainous region in SW China's Yunnan province on Friday has risen to 44. Photos Chinese leaders urge landslide victims' rescue

22 found dead after landslide in SW China

[2013-01-11 12:12]

A landslide hit a mountainous region in Yunnan province,burying the homes of 16 families.

Two shot at California high school

[2013-01-11 08:22]

Two people were injured in a shooting incident at a high school in the US state of California on Thursday morning, and the shooter is now in custody.

Kissinger leads toasts at Nixon centenary

[2013-01-11 07:47]

Aging acolytes lauded Richard Nixon as a statesman and global visionary, marking the late US president's 100th birthday on Wednesday with barely a whisper of the Watergate scandal that toppled him.

Schools ordered to hire security guards

[2013-01-11 02:58]

Responding to an attack last month by a knife-wielding man who injured 23 young students, top law enforcement officials said schools and kindergartens now must have at least one full-time security guard.

New ROK leader leaves door open for dialogue

[2013-01-11 01:19]

Republic of Korea President-elect Park Geun-hye on Thursday said Pyongyang's nuclear weapons development cannot be tolerated.

Afghans say total US pullout would trigger disaster

[2013-01-10 13:21]

Afghan lawmakers said on Wednesday disaster and civil war would follow if Washington pushed ahead with a suggestion to withdraw all its troops from the country after 2014.

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