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Exchanges are the remedy for promoting TCM

[2013-06-17 01:21]

Closer international cooperation is needed in the teaching of traditional Chinese medicine, according to industry analysts and insiders.

Giant panda spotted in the wild in NW China

[2013-06-16 17:18]

Photo taken on May 1,2013 shows a giant panda in the wild in the state-level Baishuijiang natural reserve in Northwest China's Gansu province. This is the first time the reserve has captured images of giant pandas in the wild in more than 10 years.

Run-up to Paris Air Show

[2013-06-16 10:09]

Tibetan artist nurtures his culture

[2013-06-16 09:17]

Tibetan painter Nyima Tsering enjoys telling reporters they can ask him any questions they like about Tibet.

Bidding on change

[2013-06-16 07:37]

China's first international auction in Xiamen signifies that curbs on the country's free trade of cultural artifacts may be going, going, gone. Huachen Auctions conducted the sale of 350 lots of Western art, furniture and silverware in Fujian province's free port, promoted by the online auction portal Epai Live and backed by the Association of Accredited Auctioneers (Triple-A), comprised of 21 British auctioneers. The April 21 sale is expected to open the door to more international auctions in China. It was also predicted that further government reform and the opening up of the market will overhaul regulations dating from New China's 1949 founding, preventing the sale abroad of "cultural relics" - which are, broadly speaking, antiques before 1911.

Photos: Students meet after 50 years

[2013-06-15 10:48]

Nine people who took a group photo 50 years ago gathered again through the assistance of Hangzhou-based newspaper City Express to take a new group photo on June 10, 2013. The two photos went viral on Chinese Internet.

Murdoch prefers a quiet divorce

[2013-06-15 09:36]

Murdoch appears to be seeking a quiet divorce, based on the lawyer he has chosen and the absence of incendiary allegations, people with knowledge of the case and experience of high-profile New York divorces said.

Farmers burn wheat stubble despite ban

[2013-06-15 08:22]

Despite the government ban, farmers in China often burn crop stalks left after the harvest to clear the fields for the next planting.

China's 1st NBC maritime rescue team unveiled

[2013-06-14 11:20]

China's first maritime nuclear, biochemical and chemical emergency rescue team grabbed the spotlight in a drill off the Yellow Sea after it showed how to handle a toxic gas leak.

Wildfire destroys 360 homes in Colorado

[2013-06-14 09:41]

Hundreds of firefighters made a determined stand on Thursday to stop the wildfire that has already destroyed some 360 homes from roaring into the outskirts of Colorado Springs after it billowed overnight into the most destructive blaze in state history.[

Murdoch files for divorce from wife Wendi

[2013-06-14 07:15]

Rupert Murdoch has filed for divorce from his wife Wendi, the company confirmed on Thursday, just days before News Corp. itself splits into two.

Li urges further Ethiopian ties

[2013-06-14 02:32]

The Chinese government supports domestic companies getting more actively involved in investment cooperation with Ethiopia in a wide range of sectors from infrastructure to manufacturing, Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday.

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