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Sky's the limit for business aviation

[2013-05-01 00:50]

China's business aircraft fleet grew 103 percent in the decade, and more general aviation firms have shifted their attention to this market.

Paying the price to travel

[2013-04-30 23:42]

Many famous sites in China are still able to get visitors to pay top dollar to gain entry, despite the nation's new Tourism Law.

Xi Jinping meets model workers

[2013-04-30 20:30]

Hybrid rice researcher Yuan Longping told President Xi Jinping on Sunday that he hopes his hybrid rice will one day be grown throughout the world.

Heavy rain kills 6 in S China

[2013-04-30 19:32]

Floods and landslides triggered by heavy rain have claimed six lives while affecting more than 420,000 people in south China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, the local government said Monday.

Reform and opening up reshapes Chinese labor

[2013-04-30 18:32]

With agricultural production becoming more efficient, surplus laborers have flocked to cities to look for jobs, ballooning the country's urban population and changing the way China's labor force is defined.

Dutch King Willem-Alexander succeeds mother

[2013-04-30 17:23]

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated on Tuesday, handing over to her eldest son, Willem-Alexander, who became the first King of the Netherlands in over 120 years.

Rubber Duck floats to Hong Kong

[2013-04-30 15:15]

Hong Kong actor Andy Lau and Dutch artist Florentijn Hofmans (L) pose in front of Hofmans’ installation Rubber Duck in Hong Kong, April 29, 2013. [Photo/Icpress] 

UnionPay debuts prepaid cards

[2013-04-30 11:30]

China UnionPay, the country's leading card-payment processor, will soon issue its first prepaid bank cards in the US through Delaware-based Bancorp Bank.

Celts avoid playoff sweep

[2013-04-30 09:01]

The reeling Boston Celtics needed a spark of optimism and a surge of offense to keep their season going.

2013 Strawberry Music Festival in Beijing

[2013-04-30 07:44]

2013 Strawberry Music Festival in Beijing

Dream, sweet dream

[2013-04-30 02:00]

How are Chinese people sleeping at night? Not well, according to the nation's first sleep index, published by the Chinese Medical Doctor Association on March 19, Li Yang reports.

Beauties turn entrepreneurs

[2013-04-30 00:50]

More fashion models for online shopping site,, are changing roles. Instead of just posing for the site, they are selling clothes online.

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