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Bolt, Fraser-Pryce win IAAF annual award

[2013-11-18 09:14]

Jamaican duo Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce here on Saturday were named the male and female World Athletes of the Year for 2013.

Heavy snow expected to continue in NE China

[2013-11-18 08:21]

Meteorologists said heavy snow will continue to fall in Northeast China on Monday, after snarling traffic in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces since Saturday.

Sheep farmers test safe route to pastures

[2013-11-18 01:19]

Farmers in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have tested a new passage designed for the safe transfer of sheep between winter and summer pastures.

End of laojiao to take time

[2013-11-18 01:08]

Although the Party has decided to abolish the controversial "re-education through labor" system, the official end of the system can come no earlier than late December, experts said.
Laojiao site to change role after abolishment

China on track to hit eco-targets early

[2013-11-18 00:51]

China may achieve its 2020 target of energy efficiency ahead of schedule and will make even more ambitious proposals to realize low-carbon development for the years after 2020, senior climate advisers have said.

Going down the brain drain

[2013-11-18 00:29]

There are about 1.4 million Indonesia-born migrants in Malaysia, making the Indonesia-Malaysia migrant corridor one of the busiest in the world.

Tomb of Emperor Yang unearthed

[2013-11-17 11:31]

Archaeologists confirm on Saturday the tomb found in Xihu township of Yangzhou in jiangsu province belongs to Emperor Yang Guang, who is considered one of the worst tyrants in Chinese history and who brought the Sui Dynasty (AD 581-618) to an end.

Hot air balloons take off at Int'l Balloon Festival

[2013-11-17 11:08]

Hot air balloons take off during the second day of the International Balloon Festival 2013, held in the Metropolitan Park, in the city of Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, on Nov 16, 2013.

Pint-sized snooker prodigy

[2013-11-17 07:05]

Wang Wuka is not the only one who can't wait to grow up. Many observers are anticipating his coming of age to compete in the game professionally.

Securing a woman's world

[2013-11-17 07:02]

Lulu was asleep when the intruder broke in, tied her up, blindfolded her, threw her in a car trunk and drove away. When the 28-year-old awoke in a strange place, she had to free herself from her ropes and find her way home. She succeeded. Lulu had monitored the car's movements from the trunk, noticing when it turned and stopped. It wasn't an actual kidnapping but rather a drill for the bodyguard in training.

Securing a woman's world

[2013-11-17 07:02]

Females account for a growing slice of the country's emergent bodyguard industry and must learn everything from how to endure a bottle over the cranium to tea ceremony etiquette.

Chinese, US militaries practice disaster relief

[2013-11-16 16:14]

Chinese and US military personnel demonstrated in joint exercises in Hawaii on Thursday how they could cooperate for disaster relief.

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