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Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Feb 27

[2011-02-28 17:05]

Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Feb 27

Oscar winners unveiled

[2011-02-28 17:03]

It's really a rainy day for job hunting

[2011-02-28 10:48]

Despite that the temperature dropped abruptly in Wuhan, over 20,000 students came to the job fair on Sunday.

Weekend falls ease drought

[2011-02-28 08:33]

The recent widespread rain and snowfalls in northern China, which are expected to end on Monday night, have eased severe drought in some of China's major wheat-growing areas.

Wen throws support behind efforts to help child beggars

[2011-02-28 07:43]

Civil affairs and public security departments have been urged to take comprehensive steps to help children who are begging on the nation's streets and are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

Venetian Carnival: Guess who am I?

[2011-02-28 07:02]

Masked revellers celebrate in Saint Mark's Square in Venice.

Chile marks quake anniversary

[2011-02-27 19:59]

One year after a devastating earthquake struck, Chile is holding a series of commemorative activities starting from Cobquecura at the epicenter of the 8.8-magnitude temblor and tsunami that wreaked death and destruction in the South American country.

Sochi chooses 3 mascots for 2014 Olympics

[2011-02-27 17:23]

Organizers made the unusual decision to have three mascots for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Feb 26

[2011-02-27 16:16]

Snapshots: The world in 24 hours Feb 26, 2011

Chinese rescuers work in Christchurch after quake

[2011-02-27 09:02]

Chinese rescuers work on the rubble of the CTV building in central Christchurch following Tuesday's earthquake Feb 26, 2011.

Chinese evacuees arrive on island of Crete

[2011-02-26 17:07]

Luo Linquan, Chinese ambassador to Greece, conducts a meeting to discuss arrangements for Chinese citizens who were evacuated from Libya to Greece's island of Crete, Feb 26, 2011.

Beijing embraces third snowfall within a month

[2011-02-26 12:54]

Beijing embraces this winter's third snowfall within a month.

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