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World rings in 2012 and bids adieu to a tough year

[2012-01-01 09:48]

With glittering fireworks and star-studded celebrations from New Zealand to Times Square, the world eagerly welcomed a new year and hope for a better future.

Countdown to 2012 at Times Square

[2012-01-01 08:32]

Times Square has been attracting worldwide attention on New Year's Eve for 107 years.

Sarkozy says debt crisis not over

[2012-01-01 07:40]

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Saturday in his New Year greetings that spiralling debt crisis is not finished, urging more work to boost growth and competitiveness in 2012.

Nigerian president declares state of emergency

[2012-01-01 07:26]

Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency on Saturday in four northern states which were hit by months of violence.

Hello, 2012

[2011-12-31 22:53]

Happy New Year!

New Year celebrations around the world

[2011-12-31 13:07]

As the New Year is coming, people around the world hold all kinds of celebrations.

Festive 3-day party in S China's Hainan

[2011-12-31 10:14]

An ethnic Russian dance performance is part of the 12th China Hainan Merrymaking Festival in South China’s Hainan province, a three-day event that started on Dec 30, 2011.

Love thy neighbor

[2011-12-31 09:58]

Li Guoliang, a resident in Shanghai, has been taking care of his neighbor Tang gendi for 15 years.

Torchlight marks the start of New Year

[2011-12-31 09:43]

Vikings from Lerwick stand together during the annual torchlight procession to mark the start of new year.

Kunqu opera singers share blessings on subway

[2011-12-30 13:09]

Kunqu opera singers performed on Nanjing’s subway Line 2 and handed out the paper signs featuring the Chinese character Fu, which means blessings.

Bicycles to help bring in green new year

[2011-12-30 11:05]

Hundreds of green bicycles are parked at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, as 960 of them await riders at Vermilion Steps Bridge (DanBiQiao) for the New Year countdown ceremony, Dec 29, 2011.

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